Manila Mass: Archbishop Socrates Villegas Takes Leave Of His Senses

Francisco Goya, "The Madhouse"

Francisco Goya, “The Madhouse”


From Rorate Caeli, I am informed the President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in the Philippines, Archbishop Socrates Villegas, is defending the sacrilege of the Manila Mass.

With an absence of shame that reminds one of the worst Kasper on a very bad day, the Archbishop goes on record with the following:

“Under normal circumstances, this should not have happened, but the situation in the Luneta was extraordinary, six million people.” He added: “On this occasion, it was necessary (“kailangan”) to help each other receive communion.”

A PR priest (boy, how many PR people we have these days…), a Fr. Francis Lucas, is on record with we following, equally inconceivable statement:

“For pastoral reasons since people can’t move during communion, mass passing of the host is okay.”

Is it possible that we live in an age of such stupidity and ignorance, of such brainless arrogance that prelates can utter such rubbish and get away with it? Do they have any idea of what “sacrilege” means? Have they ever heard of “Transubstantiation”?

This is basically like saying “normally you shouldn’t relieve yourself on the Tabernacle; but hey, if there are no portapotties available…”, or “normally we don’t throw consecrated wine by the bucket on the Mass attendants; but on this occasion, it was necessary to help each other to receive communion”.

A sacrilege is a sacrilege. There is no possible universe in which the desecration of the Most Holy Host can be justified by any reason whatsoever. And in this case, the “reason” is something completely accessory, and not necessary in any Mass! There can be no excuse for sacrilege! There can be no “circumstances” which make the desecration of the Most Holy Host “A-OK”!

Is this so difficult? I am sure even a retarded Lutheran who does not even believe in Transubstantiation believes this without any hesitation, agrees with this without even thinking! 

We have come to such a point of heathenish adoration of… the churchgoers that an Archbishop and a PR man tell us to calm down: there are priorities, and they do not lie by Christ. The priority is the mantra of the new religion, that everyone has to receive communion at Mass.

This is a completely absurd and disquieting world. This is Kafka on steroids. And it comes from Catholic prelates, from very official sources!

If they had said: “we had not thought of the implications of such a large Mass; we did not expect such a situation; we are awfully sorry, appalled at what has happened; there will be Masses of Reparation all over the Philippines for this sacrilege; we invite other Bishops’ Conference to announce and put in place similar initiatives in other Countries; we will learn for the future and never again, never again allow for anything like that to happen!”, at least they would have looked like incompetent amateurs, but not unmasked themselves as openly, coldly, willingly sacrilegious priests!

But no, they fully acknowledge what has happened. They do not even try to deny that with such a mess countless hosts must have been trampled and destroyed, taken home as a souvenir (I am sure; no, I am!), given to curious bystanders, to Atheists, perhaps to Satanists, to children to play with, and who knows what else! Millions of Hosts! From hand to hand!


They do not deny it. They simply say: “look: we believe in The People, The Crowd Almighty. It was between Crowd Almighty and this awesome chap, whom we call Christ. Or some bread. Whatever. Anyway, we had to make a choice. Hey, something’s gotta give…”.

Archbishop Socrates Villegas is obviously not recognisable as a priest, much less an Archbishop. He sounds like an Episcopalian explaining why “the bread” was thrown around and was eaten by the dog. His priorities are clear. Christ is nowhere to be found.

The Archbishop should be deposed immediately, and sent to a doctor post-haste.

I doubt the Archbishop will be punished. He is, clearly, not one of the Catholic sort, so he should be fine.





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  1. Este sacrilegio es una desobediencia a la Madre Iglesia que ha establecido una ley que prohíbe específicamente pasar la Santa Hostia de esta manera entre los fieles en las misas concurridas (documento de la Iglesia Redemptoris sacramentun )y ordena denunciar este abuso sacrilego al Obispo.

  2. 2. The distribution of Holy Communion
    [94.] It is not licit for the faithful “to take . . . by themselves . . . and, still less, to hand . . . from one to another” the sacred host or the sacred chalice. Ibidem, n. 160.

  3. Those who are supposed to know better, those who are ordained and charged with the sacred duty to teach the Faith, have shown over and over and over, and everywhere that they have not the fullness of the Faith themselves. It seems that only a very small number of Catholics are outraged and saddened by the sacrilege, and those who are, these ordained delinquents consider to be “extremists” and the real problem; those like you and me! I don’t know you but I know me, and I am so sad that I get this while bishops don’t and wonder how could I possibly be holier than them? I want them to be holier than me which should not be difficult.

    Dropping the Eucharist in the hand, leads to the Eucharist on the floor and ground into carpets, leads to the Eucharist in the mud at a papal Mass, in a relatively short period of time. Maybe that’s a metaphor somehow of something deeper.

    Thanks for your words about this.

    • Thanks for your kind word.

      I do not think of myself as “holy” in any way. Not in isolation, and not in comparison to a bishop.

      But I think of them as either culpably ignorant or willingly disingenuous. In an archbishop, I can only see evil intent and lack of faith at work.

      But no, I wouldn’t make of it a matter of personal holiness. Francis could be irreproachable in his private life, and he would still be a disgrace.

  4. They do not have the Faith. They are apostates attacking God and His Holy Church from within. Reparation!!! Blessed Micharl the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .

  5. “the almighty crowd”…yes, I could tell the giddiness behind the archbishops’ words that pointed to his priorities i.e. pleasing the masses. Beautiful post, Mundy…Our Lord must be so pleased to have your defense and love:+) God bless~

    • I have just read today others on the Internet posting on how uncharitable I am, so who knows? 😉
      But in general, and allowing for great moral and character imperfections, if I were to be knocked down by a bus tomorrow morning I hope the comment from above would be at least on the lines of “Can’t say you did not do your very best”.

  6. I rinse purificators and corporals before laundering them, and I pour the rinse water out on the ground. I’m just sayin. I don’t think communion should be given at these Masses.

  7. The “Miracle” here was that everyone in “the almighty crowd” at some point before receiving had their Confessions heard, received Absolution and did their Penance. Wow!

    • Can you (shortly) expand on this? Link, perhaps? It would be problematic enough if Francis had given a general absolution (no battles in sight, I think), but I can’t understand how millions of individual confessions could have been made on the day.

  8. Sorry, t’was tongue in cheek that unless a general absolution had been given, how could millions be in the necessary State of Grace and worthy to receive the Holy Eucharist?.

  9. Recall the story of that unfortunate who touched the Ark of the Covenant to steady it and dropped dead. We have had half a century of this communion -in – hand nonsense and this is the result. Thankfully, a couple of parishes in my area are putting kneelers in place so those who haven’t drunk the modernist cool-aid have the choice to show the respect our Lord deserves.

  10. Another debacle that took place in the Philippines is the pope’s response to the little girl about why some children are forced into prostitution. It appears the pope is a theist in this regard. Read what Ann Barnhardt has to say about that! This seems to be the breaking point for Ann.

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