The First, Second, And Third Enemy Is Islam.

Give me a militant atheist any day...

Abu Hamza in all his beauty. Give me a militant Atheist any day…

I am alarmed at reading around that our first enemy would be Western Atheism, or Secularism.

The first enemy is Islam. And the second. And the third.

Secularism might try to silence you. Islam will cut your head.

Secularism aborts its children. Islam produces a lot of them, and uses them as a way to power. Therefore, Secularism sits on its own time bomb, but helping Islam means importing a huge bomb within our shores,; and make no mistake, this bomb will be used against us.

Secularism still has, in the West, basic concepts of piety and respect. Islam will cut your throat and make a video of it, and make seven year old children execute you.

Secular democracies tend to revert or correct their wrong position after a while. Abortion is under attack after only one generation and a half. Islam becomes a nightmare that only… a Western power can take down, and it needs an awful lot of ass-kicking.

You can always try to reason with an Atheist. You can never reason with an Islamist. The first one’s attitude is one of wrong reasoning; the second one’s is refusal to reason.

Islam is a self-detonating bomb. Given enough traction, Islam leads to militant Islamism like twilight leads to dusk.

It is madness to think we may have more in common with a Muslim than with an Atheist. The Atheist is, when all is said and done, us minus the faith. The Muslim is the contrary of us. Even the most hardened Atheist can easily convert, when he start thinking with lucidity. He will find his place in the Western World without any problem. But the Islamist will be prevented by his very religion to do so. To him, the Western World will never be an option. to him, the West itself is the enemy.

In all this, niceness (or: the “good Muslims”) is neither here nor there. Islam tends to self-radicalisation. At some point, the “nice Muslims” are made to shut up, or die. You can bet your last shirt that their children won’t be so nice. It will need a Western Power to frighten them (Iran), keep them under control (Western Colonisation), or kick their ass altogether (Afghanistan, Iraq).

Compared to Islam, Secularism is a walk in the park. The French Revolution destroyed the Church in France, but after around a decade she was there again, tall and strong. The African Mediterranean coast conquered by the Mohammedans in the VII Century is largely Mohammedan to this very day.

There is no similarity whatever between Islam and Christianity. Islam is to Christianity what sodomy is to marital intercourse.

Similarly, there can be no identification between modern democracies and French Revolution. The American Colonies and the British Institutions were beautiful modern examples of the first, when no one even knew what the second is.


The first, second, and third enemy is Islam. Secularism is a problem, and it can be a threat to our freedom. But Islamists will cut your very throat, and let their many children watch.

We will deal with Secularism all right, as we always did. They are aborting themselves fast anyway. To defeat Secularism we only need sensible shepherds and functioning freedoms. To defeat the Muslims among us we might, at some point and if the blind attitude does not change, need a bloodbath of biblical proportions.

No Pope of the sane past has ever considered Mohammedans allied against Secularism.

The first, the second, and the third enemy is Islam.


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  1. Pope Francis apparently knows more about Islam than Jesus Christ does: “Many will come in my name and say “I am he.” And “I and my Father are one and the same.”

    Jesus knew it was a false religion. Francis isn’t so sure apparently.

  2. Mundabor,
    sorry, but I beg to differ. Of course radical Islam will want to cut off our heads and kill us. But this only creates a lot of martyrs (who go straight to heaven), and the blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church. The more Catholics are butchered by Islamists because of their profession of the Faith, the stronger the Church will become.

    But secularism leads souls to hell in a much less spectacular and overt way. Secularism, at least as it is currently practiced in the West, does not kill the bodies of Catholics; therefore most Catholics, being somewhat secularized themselves, do not even realize the danger. They (including most of the hierarchy) manage to damn themselves, before they even realize what is happening. A fanatic with a machete is dangerous, but the danger is easily averted even in this world, because it is obvious. Secularism is much more subtle, and therefore more dangerous by many orders of magnitude.

    Also, secularism is not just a danger to our freedom; it is a danger to every single soul currently living in the West, because everyone is inevitably exposed to some amount of this demonic poison. As long as we do not actually believe or profess the Islamic religion, our souls are not endangered by Islam; just our bodies are.

    In short: Western Secularism does not currently produce martyrs but it poisons the soul of almost every Catholic currently alive on this earth. It leads millions of souls to hell by stealth, quite apart from hardcore secularists and outright atheists, who will probably go to hell anyway (last-minute conversions aside). Islam, however, may kill our bodies, but it poses almost no risk to our souls as long as we do not actually believe this false religion.

    From a purely material, this-worldly point of view, Islam is more dangerous, but our souls are much, much more important than our mere bodily lives, and it is our souls that secularism chiefly seeks to destroy.

    • The logic that those who wipe out Christianity faster are better for us is, to say it mildly, a very twisted one.
      Persecution must never be invited. With this logic we should have wished a Communist takeover.
      Short comments, please.

    • Mundabor,
      who speaks of inviting? I most certainly do not. Islam should be fought as much as possible. Being the second enemy does not mean being considered harmless or a friend. But in terms of danger to souls, secularism is much more dangerous and insidious to Catholics than Islam. Also, persecutions do not wipe out Christianity. All the great persecutions the Church has endured, for example, in Ancient Rome, only served to make her stronger, not wipe her out. The question is not who wipes out the Church faster (martyrs are not wiped out but glorified attaining eternal life).

      When I became a Catholic, I learned that the only really important thing in life is to attain salvation. Everything else, while not unimportant, just doesn’t matter in the long run, as we are all going to die at some point or other. Whether the Christian is killed by an Islamist, a Communist or a cancer has little eternal significance, as long as he dies in the state of grace. Saying this I do not invite or hope for persecution; in fact, I dread it more than I probably should.

    • If you make Islam your allied against Secularism, you create an environment for them, and cause them to come here to millions. Legislation allowing, say, “blasphemy” against Mohammed would encourage them. So does the ability to eat Halal food, etc.

      This is the crux of the entire argument: they are the first enemy, therefore we must have an environment that keeps them out.
      It can be done only if we decide that this is the priority.

    • Exactly.
      Therefore, we must act beforehand so that, if possible, persecution is avoided.
      I fancy my chances against a secularist rather than against an islamist, big time.

  3. Though even in this world, the fate of the many millions of Christians butchered by secularist regimes seems to indicate that secularism is extremely dangerous even to our bodies. Just compare the numbers of Christians murdered by secularists with those murdered by Islamists.

    Of course, most secularists do not personally kill Christians or condone theír killing. But neither do most Muslims. The actual beheadings are done by a small minority while a larger minority openly applauds and the majority is not really in favor but not really opposed either. Just as with the secularist mass-murders of Christians. Only some actually persecute and kill Christians; many more speak of breaking eggs and making omelettes; most just say nothing and follow their leaders.

    • This is, therefore, like saying that we should allow tens of millions of Nazis and Communists on our shores, so that more martyrs may get heaven.

      But in general, I am satisfied no Communist or Nazi regime ever had the savagery of ISIS.
      Not even close.

  4. indignusfamulus

    Dear M,
    Certain documents of VII, mix truth and falsehood, and like Islam, belong on the ashheap of history. Their promotion has Catholics believing God wants His Church rebuking such CONDEMNATIONS of false religion -as you just provided- while praising bits of truth and promising “peace through intermingling” . The Divine Mandate requires conversion to the Prince of peace Who alone is Truth. We are being fed lies:
    –LUMEN GENTIUM: “with us they adore the One, merciful God” “..first place among whom are the Muslims” [Koran says Trinity is a blasphemy: “Allah has no associates”]
    –NOSTRA AETATE: “The Catholic Church..has a high regard for the-conduct, precepts and doctrines-although differing in many ways from her own teaching-often reflect a ray of that truth which enlightens all men.”
    — JPII, in Turkey, ” develop the spiritual bonds that unite us– preserve and promote for the benefit of all men, ‘peace, liberty, social justice and moral values’ as the Council calls us.”
    — BENEDICT XVI -” glad to- express my esteem for Muslims and commitment of the Catholic Church to -dialogue in a spirit of mutual respect and friendship, bearing joint witness to the firm faith in God that characterizes Christians and Muslims- strengthen bonds of affection..”.
    — FRANCIS: “Surveys show a clear majority of Muslims all over the world do not support violence in the name of Islam. “Evangelii Gaudium” [Our mandate is to report surveys?]
    JESUS: ” he that doth not believe, is already judged: because he believeth not in the name of the only begotten Son of God…the light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than the light- for their works were evil. (John 3: 18-19)
    — “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6)
    –“You shall be hated by all, for My Namesake” (Matthew 10:22)

    • Very true.
      Everything that is before V II can be trusted implicitly.
      Everything that is after, only in so far as it matches what was taught before.

  5. indignusfamulus

    Dear M,
    Blew it again on the length, sorry. We’ll keep trying. Meanwhile, feel free not to publish-we’ll understand..

  6. Dear Mundabor,
    I think you may be putting the cart before the horse in your analysis of Islam. It is Liberalism, not Islam that has bought France and the West generally to our current parlous state. It is the Masonic policy of “multiculturalism” coupled with religious indifferentism that has allowed them entry to The West in the first place. A traditional Catholic state would never have allowed this to occur.
    Secondly, both Islam and Liberalism are opposed to the natural law. Both send numerous souls to hell. However, very few in the west willingly join Islam; the vast majority have joined liberalism. Spending eternity in hell is worse than having your throat slit. Liberalism aborts 45 million babies every year; it has 40% to 50% of marriages end in divorce and public displays of homosexuality. Not to mention contraception and fornication which reduced our native populations thus providing a rationale for Islamic immigration to do our jobs for us.
    Saint Luke had something here. He says fear not those who can only kill the body. “But I will shew you whom you shall fear: Fear ye him who, after he hath killed, hath power to cast into hell. Yea, I say to you: Fear him”. (Luke 12.5)
    Finally, this must surely be part of the chastisement predicted at Fatima. God is allowing this to happen as a just reaction to the great apostasy. I suspect there is more to come yet!

    • I am unclear as to why having one’s throat slit would save one from hell, if otherwise merited, nor is abortion any reason for having one’s throat slit.

      You are confusing flu (secularism) with cancer. Flu is bad, bat a Christian country can react to it with Christian antibodies. Cancer will simply kill this body. Islam has the potential of letting Christianity disappear from Europe. Give me the fight to get rid of abortion any day.

  7. That is the truth, Catocon. Countless millions of souls have been destroyed by materialism, indifferentism, following the elites in society and turning against God and His Commandments, to the point that the vast majority in the once-Christian West have adopted this evil way of life. Countless millions of babies are murdered in utero, and many others murdered for being permanently ill, debilitated. This all with the official sanction of the state. Sexual perversion has become the norm and is forced on our children from the time they start school. God is openly mocked and derided. The Church itself is mostly run by apostates who share the same evil ideology. And people who refuse to disown the One True Faith and the Moral Law are being persecuted in many ways, including being put out of jobs, business, being jailed, etc. When one refuses to comply with evil laws and policies, one is persecuted. I know of many people who are persecuted, as I have been. Many unjust laws have been introduced in recent decades across all Western nations which persecute those who oppose homosexuality, killing of babies in utero, etc. or publicly defend Christ, and His Holy Commandments. Only a tiny remnant remains. If our bishops, priests (generally) did their sacred duty, they would be persecuted severely (as the few who do, are). Mundabor and others do great work on the Internet, anonymously, but we also have to fight evil in every area of our lives, including the public sphere. Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .

    • Thanks, Linda, but the point remains that all these evils are neither new nor incurable. The license and of the XVIII Century gave us the French Revolution, but by and large Catholic France recovered from it. Muslim France would never recover from Islam.

  8. indignusfamulus

    Dear M,
    When Robert Satloff of the “Weekly Standard” analyzed the book “Who Speaks for Islam?” which claimed “Most” Muslims are just like us.” and only 7% are Extremists; he discovered its authors had excluded all the data on “radicals” they had classified as “Moderates”.
    He did a little re-figuring to let the world know the true findings of their own Gallop- studies, combining:
    –“Extreme Radicals”- ( “those who said the 9/11 attack was “completely justified”) (7%) and. :
    –“Moderate Radicals”-(“who said 9/11 was “partially justified”;”hate America; want Sharia law imposed; support suicide bombing; and oppose equal rights for women) (29.6%).
    for a whopping total of : 36.6%
    -out of 1.2 Billion Moslems–that comes to 439 Million Radical Muslims in the world today
    (not counting un-registered sympathizers).

    — Given these stats and the daily headlines, it seems fair to set aside the arguments over which other issues merit higher priority-status right now, since unless God intervenes, if we don’t act soon, we’ll all be dead.

    • Oh we will act all right.
      Bastards had their ass kicked everytime since 1571, and will continue to have their ass kicked everytime the West wakes up.
      But it will still be necessary for more people to die, and for everyone of good will to warn about the most immediate danger.

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