The Pope Who Won’t Do His Job

The BLM Communist Fist is the new Cross



This very recent article from Breitbart once again shows everything that is wrong with Nincompoop In Chief.

The guy mentions, pretty much in this order:

  1. Justice
  2. Social Concord
  3. Respect for our common home (what’s this: a Condo?)
  4. Bringing people together
  5. Shortening distances
  6. Providing necessary information
  7. Opening minds and hearts to truth
  8. Building bridges
  9. Defending life
  10. Break down walls between individuals
  11. protecting the welfare of others, from individuals to the “human family”
  12. overcome racism, injustice (he already said that) and indifference
  13. give voice to the plea of those in need of mercy and understanding

There is not one of these aims, not even one, that is not intended by Francis (as the article makes clear) in a purely secular way.    

The most striking example is the phrase about the welfare of others “at every level” (point 11), where I thought I had finally found a reference to providing to the spiritual needs of people: you know, Christ. I was, very predictably, wrong. “At every level”, for this clown, does not mean both the material and the spiritual. It means both for the individual and the “human family”, obviously a substitute for the love of God. 

Obviously, Nincompoop In Chief could not avoid giving his indirect, but clear enough support to Black Lives Matter; who, being damn commies and enemies of Christ, are very much after his liking.

The guy just won’t do his job.

And the worst thing is: he wants you to notice it.






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  1. “Pope” is clearly out of touch with his flock. In his case this is a good thing.

  2. Okay, he’s a reigning nincompope.
    We know that.
    He proves it.

  3. sixlittlerabbits

    Too true, Mundabor. Fransoros is a disgrace. Happy Fourth of July from the USA.

  4. It is actually fitting that our communist infiltrator believes a corrupt media is the arbiter of good and evil and the key to realizing heaven on earth. It couldn’t possibly be the job of the pope after all to be a moral beacon. I noticed some blather about fighting “racism,” surely the biggest issue of our time (not aborting millions of children), and mention of indifference that disfigures the face of our common family. Oh the irony of hearing such a vapid lecture when whole communities, political and religious statues have been trashed, desecrated and “disfigured,” and members of “our common home” assaulted, menaced and killed by commie vandals and thugs these last tumultuous weeks. He cannot condemn anything that cries to heaven for condemnation, rather he berates the virtuous acts of priests who still have the desire to tend their flocks. He called them adolescents. Projection much on his part? I must say Mundabor, you out did yourself on the post about “Frankie’s woes.” It was all true but hilarious. The current wave of fevered virtue signaling has indeed left Francis in the dust. Not even he could be stupid enough to find fault with Uncle Ben’s rice, (but we can’t rule it out).

    As you said, Francis has been reduced to being dog #5000 barking at the moon. Thanks for the comic relief!

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