Heresy, Sodomy, And Corruption: Bergoglio’s Deep Church At Work And Why Trump Should Get A Closer Look At It


This long Marco Tosatti interview to Archbishop Vigano’ reads like a horror tour of all the major plagues of the Church in the XXI Century: doctrinal subversion is fuelled by sexual perversion, amplified by corruption, and the three work together in trying to destroy the Church as the Bride of Christ. In the mind of Bergoglio, Cupich, & Co, the Church should be nothing more than a convenient, comfortable place whence atheist, communists and sodomites promote all the causes of Globalism, as they lead a cushioned, often outright perverted existence themselves.

I invite you to read the article in its entirety (it is not short) because, not for the first time, Archbishop Vigano’ exhibits a lucidity of thought that helps the layman to understand the mechanisms currently at work in the Church better than many denunciations made by outsiders. This is a guy able to explain to you in simple words, say, why an administrative procedure instead of a criminal one is chosen, what the practical consequences are, and why this inserts itself in a broader plan of general prostitution of the Church to the interests of the world in exchange for money and protection from the Western press; a press, I add, which is clearly unwilling to investigate too much about the dirty laundry of an organisation so aligned with them and their secular agenda they can’t even believe it.

Speaking of prostitution: the alleged payment of billions of dollars to the Vatican by Chinese authorities could become a very interesting topic in the next years.

On one hand, you would not expect the United States to embark in a deep review of the internal affairs of another Sovereign Country (the State of Vatican City). On the other hand, the last years have certainly caused the White House to look very, very attentively at the traditional – and less traditional – ways in which Peking (see what I am doing here?) is seeking to gain influence in the West.

Remember this: Archbishops Vigano’ has President Trump’s ear. In fact, it seems to me that this detailed interview had as its main addressee – besides the denunciation of Bergoglio’s schemes to an authentic Catholic audience – the White House itself.

“Look closely at what is happening there”, Vigano’ seems to say. “Look at the way the Chinese have bought the Bergoglian apparatus, and have been corrupting the Church for many years, in order to promote an Anti-Christian and anti-American agenda in the West”.

The way the Archbishop describes the Chinese influence within the Vatican, and the many reasons why this influence is welcome (in order to line the pockets of many), practically expedient (in order to keep the attention of the press away from sodomites and pedophiles), and politically charged (in order to decrease the American influence over the West) will, I think, find attentive ears in Washington; because at this point this is not merely an internal affair of the Church, but an important square in the chessboard of the Sino-American relationships (or, hopefully, lack thereof).

Archbishop Vigano’ is God’s gift to the Church. I do not agree with everything he says, but there can be no doubt that we have in front of us a man of great integrity, vast competence, and in possession of a  very, very sharp mind.

Let us pray for him today, then. Like President Trump, he is one of those sent to us to help and comfort us in these times of distress.


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  1. When you type Viganò, you make the ò by pressing and holding ALT, then 149, then releasing ALT.

  2. Most important motivator, Abp Vigano cares for his immortal soul.

  3. Another outstanding interview by Vigano shedding more light on the darkness within our Church and world. This letter is a must read.

    I’m interested Mundabor in your disagreements with with certain Vigano statements. What statements of his do you disagree or have issues with?

    • I don’t keep exact record, Michael. However, I am pretty sure in the past I have read things of him that seemed too apocalyptic, end of times, final battle stuff etc. I have often said, and keep saying, that Francis is a hiccup in the history of the Church, and people who think the end is near have never been scarce.

    • I too, agree with EVERYTHING Archbishop Vigano has said.

  4. We also see Vigano (didn’t work for me either Heinz) as an historic and singular figure like Trump, one provided by God. This gives hope, if God were through with us we’d have nothing. America has been blessed in many ways, God has a plan. When Abp. Vigano writes, there is a kind of clarity of thought and candor and truth in what he says. Every generation thinks it’s the last, but there are compelling reasons why we may be considered at an apex in terms of time in this world. I do think we’ll last at least until 2024 when the next full solar eclipse will complete the “X” across America. The first half was written in the solar eclipse of 2017. The other side will happen in 2024. Many solar eclipses are not visible to much or all of the US. This one will end up showing itself to pretty much the entire US. What an X across America means is known only to God, but we might guess. Hopefully the spot over which Gabriel blows his horn to announce the Second Coming.
    I was in a spot in the US where we were at 98%, Georgia, and within an hour’s drive we would have been at 100%. If you haven’t been in a total or near total, try to see it. At 98% it is eerie. The birds stop chirping and singing and get into a tree. The light changes to a blue cast, when the gold is taken out, it’s so strange. Everything gets quiet, even people get quiet. We were on a town green. On the ground, the light through the trees is on the ground as crescents, which I never expected. It’s a supernatural experience, reminding us how mighty our God is, He who holds all in the palm of His hand, who gives us signs that we might know He is there.

  5. I wouldn’t rule out apocalypse-it has to happen sometime. However, I am glad to see the Abp. retreat from his direct attack on the outdated Vatican II and modify it to a condemnation of the ‘spirit of VII’.

  6. Rejoicing in hope. Patient in tribulation. Instant in prayer. – Romans 12:12

    To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King

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