The Pope, The Fag, And The Swiss Guards

Darling, we have a problem...

The Pope has removed the head of the Swiss Guards and has sent him home for being… too much of a guard. He has also profited of the occasion to blame the man for his professionalism.

Yours truly is more than a tad cynical, and believes in Giulio Andreotti's quip, that “he who thinks badly of others commits a sin, but he is very often right”.

Let us, then, connect a couple of dots, and make a couple of hypotheses.

1. Francis feels safe enough in the Vatican. He doesn't like order, discipline, duty. He removes the head of the Swiss guard – who obviously like them – and feels good in the process. This is the “innocent” (stupid, but innocent) Francis.

2. Ricca & Co. Want more freedom to roam around at night, to get out and let people in. The rigid security of the Guards causes continuous problems by not allowing, or making a ruckus, everytime trannies and junkies should be allowed not only within the Leonine Walls, but even in the same building where the Pope lives. They refuse the homo junkies entry, and demand that the Pope authorises the entry. Ricca and his band of faggots get angry. The head of the guards is removed. This is the “accomplice of perverts” Francis.

3. Francis is fed up with the head of security obliging him to a rigid security standard. No going out at night among the assorted perverts for him. No tranny voyeurism. No smell of homosexual sheep. No plunging in that world of dirt, desperation, and corruption that seems to outright excite him. No questionable people inside, either. This cannot go on, can it now? Less rigidity! More freedom! Who the man thinks he is, a soldier? This is, in case you haven't got it, the pervert Francis.

These are just three possible scenarios. Feel free to make your own.


Before you think all this is unrealistic, reflect on this:

1. There were rumours of the Pope roaming the streets of Rome at night already. The Pope never denied. One like Benedict would have had strong words about it. One like Francis wants, at the very least, you to think he might do it. One wonders.

2. Swiss guards have already reported about the harassment from homosexual prelates within the very Leonine Walls.

3. The Pope lives under the very roof of a notorious faggot, and isn't fazed a bit.

4. It is known that several “gay saunas” are located in the immediate vicinity of the Vatican.

5. Whilst in and out of perverts certainly happened before, the Pope now living in the Domus Sanctae Marthae creates a very special security environment and very obvious security concerns. The edifice lies at the very boundaries of the Vatican City.

6. Many faggots have been killed from fag prostitutes wanting money from them. Pasolini is an example. Versace is another one. I certainly forget several others.


He who thinks badly of others commits a sin, but is very often right.

He who thinks badly of this Pope is merely connecting the dots.



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  1. Dear Mundabir,
    knowing too well Andretti’s dictum, I thought of Ricca and Co.myself as soon as I get the news.
    Furthermore there are rumours that the Swiss Guards and the Gendarmeria don’ t get along well. And S.Marta is under the direct control of the Gendarmeria, not the Swiss Guards who, however, have the duty to control everywhere and to protect the pope.
    The personnel of the Gendarmeria are Italians who, as you know, ” tengono famiglia”, while the Swiss Guards are…Swiss, too rigid with protocols, norms, rules,…

  2. I went to puke every time I see the photo of that little homo pinching the Pope’s cheek.

  3. Such outright subversion of the integrity of the armed forces – destruction of the ethos fundamental to their authority and honour. The Pope’s treatment of the soldier guarding him was sickeningly disrespectful of the soldier, as a soldier, whose honour is dependent on his fidelity to an objective and demanding code, and who ought never be made subject to the whims of a capricious leader. The Pope dishonoured the soldier and his solemn duty and readiness to die in the line of his most honourable duty. Such treatment of a soldier is abusive, an attack on his inherent honour as a soldier, willing to lay down his life to protect the Pope and the Vatican state. One would think the Pope was trying to destroy the constitutive moral character of the army.

  4. Frankie the Best has moved on from being the Jerry Lewis on the Tiber and is now morphing into Jerry Lee Lewis.

    God knows what shenanigans these modernists are up to. I’d sooner believe in leprechauns than the gaseous nonsense coming from the Vatican these days.

  5. Very bad, creepy news…& very creepy picture :O

  6. I think you could add a 7th point : Sneaking out of the house during the night can also let you attend some more or less secret society, with more or less special rituals, some could be very « black » by the way. The covers of specialized magazines last year, praising triumphantly Pope Frances could give some hints in this way.

    Also : I always thought that Frances’ speech about « Gossip » was intended for the Guards as kind of a threat to them should they speak. I never thaught it would concern me speaking bad about my neighbor whose house is a mess.

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

  7. Exclusive to Mundabor [EDITED]: The new Swiss Guard will secretly be trained in Britain by this unit seen here in close order drill.

    • Would they have believed, then, that this video today would be branded “homophobic”, and have Cleese & Co. producing themselves in abject apologies in no time?

  8. Well it’s certainly not just you, M – the same alternative theories went through my mind when I heard about this.
    Possibly someone powerful in the Pope’s inner circle has complained that the Guard can see him (the powerful someone) going out of the building and coming back in (or can see somebody coming in who obviously doesn’t belong there) and a story has been concocted of humble reaction of utter horror that a soldier – one expressly employed to defend the person of the Pope – might be actually standing guard to do that very thing, it’s just exploitation of the workers, innit.
    It might not be the Pope himself, but someone on that same corridor or part of the building.

  9. Those two old queens are looking at each other very tenderly. The change of guard, so to speak, is meant to make the Vatican less homophobic, more faggot friendly. The only hope is that this stuff might distract Frank from promulgating heresy.

    • Not sure the one in white is a queen. Absolutely sure the one in black is.
      Equally sure the one in white knows the one in black is.
      Now: even if the one in white is not a queen, he certainly has a very high tolerance for perversion.

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