Interesting Story

How many times have we Christians read such stories of intolerance and violence made by our own people?

Why must we, who are called to spread the Good news, always be so violent?

It is a shame that Christians should do this to other Christians.

We should learn from our brothers, the Muslims, who hold fast to their Korans as suggested by our own Francis, the humble man guided by the Spirit. Theirs is the religion of Peaaaaace. 

If the man had been a Muslim, he would have never done it, I think… (cough). 

But why do I talk? 

Read for yourself.

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  1. Your are obviuosly an unreformed “eurocentric” bigot stuck in your base values and beliefs. Your “eurocentricity” in turn gives you a “false” sense of superiority, which does not allow you to judge the subject matter of the article in its proper context.

    And the proper context would be according to a Mohammadan world view. Not to mention Sharia law.

    But don’t fret, the Buddists and the Hindus also allow you to burn your wife alive if you have the inclination.

    I am not so sure about the Confusians, but somehow I don’t this this would be a problem. Women and children are chatel at the end of the day.

    Anyways, see how limited and non-cosmopolitan you Italians expats really are?

  2. If you get on FB, go to Politically Incorrect Europe.

    Highly recommended. 🙂

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