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Francis Is A Permanent Heretical Threat. Time To Walk Out.

God willing, the answer is: because it was run by an idiot.

God willing, the answer is: because it was run by an idiot.

This rather mediocre article about the Synod has a very interesting part. I quote:

His [Archbishop Coleridge’s] own discussion group, Anglicus C, for instance, chose last Friday to postpone tackling the classic Kasper Proposal (readmission to Communion after a “penitential path”) so that they could look at it with fresher eyes yesterday (Monday) morning. Which they did. Result: not a single voice in support of Kasper. Indeed, a different question seems to have been raised among them: “A penitential path – to what?” And, to judge from the way the one group wanted to handle such questions, the overall support for Kasper in the Synod is “very, very modest indeed.”

Let me translate this for you: when it became clear that Kasper had lost, the dissenting bishops got a grace period in order to save face and have an excuse (the “fresher eyes”; for heaven’s sake, if you need a weekend of reflection to decide whether Christianity is right you have no right to be a priest..) to backpedal. Which, on the Monday, they eagerly did. If, as I have read today somewhere, Kasper has lost even in the Germanicus group (see above under “saving face”) it appears clear that the heresy of Kasper has been massacred in the Synod. Of course, Francis is still the Head Kasperite; but I think that he got the drift all right.

Actually, I think he started to get the drift at the latest on Friday afternoon. On Monday of that week he had received the letter of the Thirteen Cardinals and, it is reported, had got a hissy fit. Midweek the reports of the circuli minores had been almost unanimous in their generally explicit criticism of the Instrumentum Laboris. In the meantime, the Catholic world (the true one; not the clowns and the Grimas) had been alarmed and had started to, ahem, make a great lio worldwide. Even the mass media were criticising this very unintelligent, amateurish nincompoop; and I learned today that when the final proposal of relatio comes out there should be a vote on every single paragraph; which is a heavy blow for the heretical agenda and gives, on this point at least, the victory to the Thirteen Cardinals, or whoever they were.

If you ask me, Francis realised at some point – between Thursday evening and Friday evening – that the Kasperite solution would be defeated big time in the Synod. At that point, he stood in front of the choice whether to force the point on his own authority, putting himself at the head of a revolutionary vanguard of heretics, or cave in. I am by now fairly sure that, ever the Jesuit, he decided to cave in already last week. When the history of this Synod is leaked in more details, we will probably know that by the weekend the “theology on one’s knees” was on its knees, and was getting executed in the rather luxurious and – we are told – calories-rich Kasperbunker, Downfall-style.

At that point, I think, the Evil Clown started to reflect what he could do to save face, preserve his image as progressive Pope and idol of the anti-Catholic masses, and get out of this Synod as the Great Innovator and Pope Che he thinks he is. Being the ass we all know and despise, I think he decided, pretty much in a matter of days, to arm another ill-thought, badly planned, superficial, stupid heretical bomb, and an old favourite toy of his. This time, though, the bomb is, if possible, even more dangerous and destructive than the “theology on one’s knees”.

“I cannot force the entire Church to adopt the Heresy of Kasper”, thinks the genius. “But I can at least try to see whether I can devolve the matter to the individual Bishops’ Conferences! The Kasperites would have their way anyway, and those obnoxious Catholics would be told that the “doctrine is intact” and we are just having “a regionally differentiated pastoral approach”, or the like”.

The Evil Clown must have liked the number, because on Saturday (if memory serves) he let the bomb explode with great, great noise.

Alas, the man is stupid. Therefore, he hasn’t stopped to reflect, and has refused to be warned, that if he is not allowed to destroy the Church in a certain X fashion he will very probably not be allowed to destroy the Church in any other Y, W or Z fashion, too. In order to think in this very elementary logical way one needs a functioning brain, and a minimum of humility. Francis has neither, which is why we aren’t out of the worse yet.

It seems to me that as I write this, on the late evening of Wednesday of the third week, the Kasper proposal as a heresy adopted by the Church is dead and buried. However,  the Kasper proposal as the result of the destruction of the very unity of the Church is very much alive, at least in the plans of the Evil Clown. By such an ass, it is truly impossible to forecast what he might not do. We could still be at the vigil of a Catholic nuclear conflict. Only, this one here would be fought with, if possible, even bigger bombs.

I have written on many occasions, and repeat it today, that the obscene spectacle of this old, lewd man trying everything he can to inflict as much damage to the Church as he can should not be further tolerated. It is high time that the bishops seize the moment and profit from the obvious isolation, patent incompetence and clearly heretical mindset of the man to completely destroy his papacy, burying it under a mountain of condemnation and ridicule.

A walkout of the Bishops as a reaction to this new, shameless, very obviously heretical, very public attempt to destroy the very unity of the Church would annihilate this papacy not only for our lifetime, but for all the centuries to come. It would inflict a terrible blow to the Cultural Marxists and assorted Modernists. Now is the time to put a factual end to a papacy which, I am fairly sure, many bishops have learned to fear and despise as a work of Satan as much as we do. 

Time to walk out.

Time to walk out.

Time to walk out.




I will make this short and, well, not entirely sweet.

Francis does not have a tumour.

Francis is the tumour.



Meet The Loaker Church

It will not come as a great surprise that some Proddies were also invited to the Synod, probably because it was felt that the likes of Cupich did not make it heretical enough.

One of the men of the heretical persuasion has come out with another of those “inclusive” thingies that are now everywhere. He wants to receive Communion, you see, because… mercy.

I almost cried inclusive tears as I read of the man marrying a Catholic in 1973 and not being allowed to receive communion. He felt so excluded! I mean, how can this be just, or even merciful? And then some other relatives of him converted, and he was still left out! In the cold, winter night! Watch his nephew, the Good Altar Boy, suffer as he sees that Grandpa cannot receive because… he is a heretic!


Quick, pass me the Kleenex!

Mind: there is no mention of the man’s intention to convert. No. He is perfectly fine with his own theology. It’s the Church that is wrong, you see. He might be made to feel that he is… a…. a….. a…. heretic! How can we use such cruel practices, and such exclusionary language, in the XXI century?

You may say the man is just a simpleton with no idea whatsoever of what he is talking about. You would very probably be right. But in his own Proddie confusion, the man does have a point.

If living in open defiance of God’s laws, in a daily and public insult to the Sacrament of Marriage, is not an impediment to receive communion, what will ever be an impediment big enough? If Jesus’ words can be openly trampled upon, why there should be any difference between a Catholic, a Proddie, a Muslim and an Atheist? If Holy Communion is something you give around to people just so they do not feel “excluded”, who shall be excluded? Why not parachute the hosts into some ISIS training ground, hoping that the bastards down there profit from it, becaaauuuse they neeeed it the mooooost?

Catholicism is logical. The attempt to apply emotional waffle to it will always lead to absurd results. In Catholicism, tutto si tiene: everything is connected to everything else in a wonderfully functional way. To hope that some part may be sabotaged and the other still work is like taking the spring out of a watch mechanism and hope it will continue to work.

The proddie man does not think about conversion. The idea that he might be excluded from communion because he is not in communion does not strike him as something logical. No. It strikes him as something possibly vaguely cruel, but certainly not nice. The wussification of the planet continues unabated, and with it the abandonment of the simplest logic.

You know Loaker? If you don’t, you should. Very good wafers.

That’s exactly how these people (the wussified Proddies, the Archbishop Cupichs, the Cardinal Kaspers, the Grima Wormtongues) see the Most Holy Communion.


Synod: The Rigging Of The… Electronic Vote?

We are now coming to the decisive days of this disgraceful, chaotic, catastrophic Synod.

The last information I gather is that:

1) The document of the 10-men commission (7 of whom heretics) will be distributed on Thursday.

2) The vote will be by paragraph, not “all or nothing”.

3) The Bishops will vote electronically.

Call me a mistrustful b@stard if you want, but I fear for the rigging of the electronic vote. These are people who do not hesitate to steal books from bishops. Why would they have scruples in rigging an electronic vote?

I thought this should be out there.

Together, if I may, with taking notice of the miraculous speed of the 10 (7 of whom heretics) who are going to prepare a document is such a record time.

A smell a rat here.

Actually several.

All of them of the “Francis” species.


Grima Introduces A Novel Jesus

“What if Jesus is rolling his eyes at two thousand years of Christianity and the Doctrine of the Church He founded?”

In a stunning example of satanic (attempt at) deception, Grima Wormtongue tries to persuade us that yes, we got it all wrong. We naughty Catholics! 

In his mercy (the Grimas of the world “do” mercy, a lot…) Grima explains to us that Communion can be received from the unrepentant. The unrepentant need it most, you see… A rather daring, 100% Christianity-free theology.

Where are you, Adolf? Why do you elude me, Joseph? You need communion, and I will give it to you! 

Mind, though, the same need have those terribly bad Catholics, who think that the Church is about to be raped just because Francis talks about raping Her every second day! Oh, ye of little faith! Why don’t you do like Grima, who follows every fashion, because it is sooo convenient?

Grima is, of course, not content to tell you that he thinks that you are bad. No. As every truly good Catholic sellout he must blaspheme Jesus and (try to) persuade you that Jesus is wrong, or at least that particular Jesus that does not agree with Grima.  Grimas always have a fantasy Jesus, you know. It suits them wonderfully. 

In all this, Grima assures us that he is oh so orthodox. He professes that he believes in all that the church believes, etc. Only he doesn’t! But these are details that do not disturb him, as they do not disturb Francis. Flock of a feather fly, it seems, to hell together.  

But we, we are the bad ones. Our “dependence on the rulebook” (what a bad sound it has, ” dependence on the rulebook”. It drips negativity. I prefer to call it “faithfulness to Sacred Doctrine”. I find it far more accurate, and conducive to salvation) makes of us the poor erring souls. Ah, if we could only trust Grima as he gets transported by the “Spirit” into regions never imagined by Christians before, how better off we would be! How inspired must this Grima be, as he – after a lot pf prayers, you understand; Grimas always seem to have this kind of direct line with heresy – suggests to you that perhaps the “Spirit” was completely wrong all these years.

It is also interesting that Grima thinks that our defence of Doctrine is a “me,me,me” moment. 

How strange. It seems to me the orthodox are not saying “me, me, me”, at all. They are saying “Him, Him, Him!” They are accepting uncomfortable rules because they come from Christ, and they should be those who are self-centred? Whilst the heretics, who want to adapt those very rules to their own convenience, would be the selfless ones? I feel a growing need of a chamomile tea…

Now growing all excited, Grima arrives at a rather astonishing statement. Grima wonders what St Paul really meant when he said the undoubtedly brutal words, many of them, and beyond any possibility of misunderstanding, I have quoted just a couple of days ago.  

No. For Grima this is not enough. Amazing. One truly understands how people could believe in Stalin. Grima insults your intelligence with the following words: 

What did Saint Paul mean when he warned about “unworthy” reception of communion? Did it have more to do with confessing real belief, or a sinless state? I don’t know.

You don’t…

(Lord, give me strenght!)

(chamomile tea pause…) 

I would laugh at this, but I cannot hold the urge to vomit. This is so openly satanic that one must be glad Grima is being so open about it. This is complicity with Satan brought to the point of denying the sun, the moon, and the stars. This is a flight in an emotionally sounding unreality completely free of logic. This is, literally, the shit of the devil, and it stinks to heaven. For the first time in two thousand years, the possibly most brutally clear words of the Bible are deemed of uncertain interpretation. One understands how some people might say that the Sodomites was destroyed because they weren’t “hospitable”, or because they put too much sugar in their coffee, or what not.  

But do not think, dear reader, that Grima is satisfied with this performance. The height of blasphemous nonsense comes when he spits this astonishing piece of blasphemous, 1-A satanic rubbish:

 what if Christ Jesus is rolling his eyes at us because we are still wondering whether people should disperse and go find bread elsewhere, when the True Bread is before us and abundant?

 Nice try, Grima. It sounds oh sooo nice. But you know it doesn’t wash. This “eye rolling” simply cannot be. Two thousand years of Christianity tell you, shout to you, deafen you with their cry that exactly the contrary is the case!   

What else does the astonishing words reported above mean if not this: that one does not believe in anything that the Church believes? That one wonders whether we have not been sold smoke these two thousand years? That one sits there in the self-righteousness of a home-made religion and wonders whether the Church has not been a huge deception for two thousand years, until the likes of Francis came out with their satanic crap? That one sits in judgment over Christ Himself, and the Church he founded? 


Oh well. This had to be said. I can go to sleep now…

Dear readers, please do me a favour, and do not click around those well-known Judas “c”atholic sites trying to understand who Grima is. Pray for him instead, that he may avoid damnation; though apparently it’s a rather long shot. Still, do pray for him. Pray even for the worse ones. Pray even for this evil Pope. This is what Catholics have always done. No novelty here.  

I suffered the ugliness for you, and that should be enough. I got to deal with the adrenaline surge for you, and I hope you will reward me with a Hail Mary.  I am fed up with these minions of Satan spreading their satanic feces everywhere, being clicked by the scandalised  Catholic world as a result, and making money in the process. Know that they exist. Be aware of their cheap rhetorical, emotional, effeminate, stupid, blasphemous tricks. And ignore them altogether.

They should be to you like venereal diseases: something of whose existence you are vaguely aware, but without ever coming in contact with them. You don’t read books about Satanism in order to better know the enemy, either.



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