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Oh, the Liberal Priest-slash-religious!

How good-hearted, how caring, how sensitive he is!

He will meet the sinner “where he is”, will let him feel that he is “not judged”, and will “accompany” him wherever he goes (even the “gay sauna”, perhaps?).

But then one wonders…

How comes the same sensitive priest refuses to meet Catholics, lets them feel “judged” and calls them “haters”, refuses to “accompany” them, and blocks them on Twitter? Yes, he mean that one, the screeching Jesuit. But many others, too.

Oh, wait.

I got it.

Adulterers, dissenters and perverts are the only people these priests (-slash-religious) want to “accompany”. Catholics are just avoided.

Mundabor's conclusion:



Very possibly fag.


The “H” Word Starts Going Around. Heretics Terrified.

Act of faith. In Spanish, Auto da fe.

And it came to pass Ross Douthat had a generally excellent article (which you will google without difficulty) on the Final Relatio, and repeating concepts yours truly – and more and more others, thanks be to God – are now repeating: the Catholic side won, the heretics were defeated, and the proceedings were influenced by the fact that the Evil Clown himself (he did not use that terms; I think he used “pope”) bats with the heretics.

Now, if it is Yours Truly writing all these simple facts, not many notice. But if it is the New York Times, there will be some big waves.

Promptly, the heretical squad reacted to such a scandalous truthful writing. The whining and bitching went up to the sky (or down to hell), and a squad of heretical, whining, bitching teachers reminded Mr Douthat that being called a heretic can have consequences for those so called.

I am afraid the risk is very little. Which is exactly where the problem lies.

Not only truth cannot change, but truth has just been reaffirmed – in the weak, PC way so typical of V II – even after three weeks of massive papal pressure and relentless Vatican PR propaganda. It is now the time to start using the “H” word far more often, and start demanding that heretics be silenced, defrocked, and cast in the rubbish bin of Catholicism.

The scandal caused by these wayward, evil people has now made it to the mainstream secular press. We must keep the pressure. We must call a heretic a heretic. We must make this the narrative, that heretics are heretics. Not that heretics have won, which they haven't, or that they are winning, which they aren't.

We must toss the “H” word around liberally whenever appropriate. We must question the right of heretics to be priests, bishops, cardinals, teachers and, if push comes to shove, popes. When we do so, and the Catholic blogosphere and fora are inundated of people using the “h” word without qualms, the weak bishops will be encouraged to be less weak, and we might hear stronger words of orthodoxy.

The situation is so, that it is not reasonable to expect from our weak V II bishops that they lead the counteroffensive against heresy. It is clear by now they are willing to stop it in its tracks, but they are not willing to go over it with the steamroller. The laity must rise in the defence of orthodoxy and start attacking heresy. At some point, more and more bishops will find the guts to follow.

Aiutati, che Dio t'aiuta. Help yourself, and God will help you. We help yourself by helping our weak bishops to stand out for orthodoxy, not by writing around that they have caved in to heresy – which is not true – and that they are in a Catholic Alamo surrounded by heretics playing the de guello. If you keep spreading this lie, at some point it will become the truth, because if you concede victory to the defeated at some point the defeated will start claiming victory in all seriousness, you will believe him.

We have won. They have lost.

It wasn't a victory that will be sung in the centuries to come.

Let's start working on one.



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