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No, Do Not Relax!

No, I cannot relax with such a one around.

I am getting more than a bit fed up with all those bloggers who tell their readers to relax, because nothing of what is happening is new and we have seen all of this before.

Of course it isn’t new. Of course the Church is indefectible. But the Church is indefectible exactly because there will always be people who refuse to be told to “relax”, and keep screaming out loud against the heresy!

Yes, we had many crises. But they were overcome thanks to people who :1) really care and 2) say it out loud. Not through people who keep silent.

Yes, we are not the first ones standing on the brink of an abyss. Yes, we know that the Church will not fall into it. But we know that very many will be lost, and I suspect that many of the “relax” people already have one foot in the precipice. We know that the Church cannot be killed, but can most certainly be raped! We know that she cannot be wiped out of the earth, but can be wiped out of entire Continents, of which Europe and America are two prime candidates!

Heresy isn’t “normal” just because it isn’t new. A crisis is no less grave because there were other crises. The situation isn’t any less scandalous just because we had such scandals before. Heretical bishops (and Popes!) aren’t less dangerous for the salvation of souls because there were others like them before.

And be assured: in no crisis of the church there was ever lack of people who asked devout Catholics to “chill out”. It is very comfortable for them to do so; particularly if they are priests, and therefore under a graver obligation to speak out loud; or if they have a paid audience, that might desert them if they go away from the “softly-softly”, “Catholic if you allow”, “let’s be nice to everyone” mainstream readership.

The Church is not indefectible because in times of crisis God sends a couple dozen angels on earth to set things right. The Church is indefectible because the Lord inspires in good souls such a hatred for heresy, blasphemy and betrayal of Him that they cannot relax, cannot shut up, and will have to speak out.

Nor can we be invited to be “little children”. We are adults, for Pete’s sake! We are supposed to stand up for our beliefs like grown men and women do, not retreat in a very childish, and at this point very stupid, way thinking that there is no need whatever for our scandal and our indignation because hey, where’s your faith… Pope XI invited us to be ready to enter the fray, not to stay in a corner sucking our lollipop because somehow, sometime, all will be adjusted.

It’s not somehow. It’s through the vocal, sustained, harsh opposition to all those who seek to destroy the Church. It’s not sometime. It’s right now.

Yes, Francis is a leftist! Yes, this worries me! Yes, it does because not only I have faith, but I love it!

For heaven’s sake, do not relax! Keep writing your messages on fora and blogs! Keep talking of the current crisis with your friends, colleagues and acquaintances!

You are called to be soldiers, not children!


“Iota Unum Non Praeteribit”. Doctrine Cannot Change

Iota Unum Non Praeteribit.

What would you think if your math teacher would tell you that he is not planning to change math rules? Right: you would think that the talk is senseless and arrogant at the same time.

The same impression I have when I read of Vatican speakers, or bishops, who reassure us that Francis does not intend to change doctrine.

This senseless and arrogant talk is even more arrogant and even more senseless than the one of the math teacher. More senseless because God, who is the perfect and immutable Creator, is infinitely more unchangeable than anything created; and more arrogant, because even the implication that anyone could change iota unum in God’s rules is a blasphemous madness.

Still, this talk must sound “encouraging” for the adulterers and perverts, and terrifying for those vaguely Catholic or vaguely Christian people who still have a (vaguely) felt appreciation for the stability and permanence of the Church. The first get the clear message that Francis does not intend, for now, to change doctrine, which he obviously could do. Therefore, what does not happen today could happen tomorrow, or the day after, or with the next Pope, or at some other point. The second will wonder how long it is before the Church changes, and will – from outside – look at the Church as just another political party about to embark in a “modernisation” process.

All this talk of Francis who “will not change doctrine” is gravely misleading with the best of intentions, and utterly heretical with the worst ones. Bishops, speakers, bloggers, and everyone else should repeat on every fitting and unfitting occasion that a Pope cannot change doctrine; that he is simply not allowed to; that he would be allowed by God to change His laws as much as he would the course of the sun, the rules of mathematics or the wetness of water.

Doctrine cannot change. God’s rules are as immutable as the laws of physics; more than them, because it is conceivable that God could change creation, but it is inconceivable that He could change Himself. The fact that we received, in some instances, a more profound insight of those rules in time does not mean that the rules changed, it means merely that Christianity developed a more detailed and thorough appreciation of it; exactly in the same way as history studied in high school is more deepened and detailed, but the same history, studied in elementary school.

Doctrine cannot change. Not ever. Iota unum non praeteribit.

Say it to your priest. Write it in every blog and forum. Mock whoever even vaguely implies anything different. Attack all those who mean anything different. Hammer the concept in the head of anyone near you.

We cannot allow these Modernists to put the wrong ideas in the head of the people.


Father Rosica Is Manipulating You

I received the following comment from a kind reader called genetically Catholic. 

Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki’s is a participant in the Synod, and keeps “copious notes” on interventions on his blog. In Polish of course.

The blogger at torontocatholicwitness blog says that what Fr. Rosica is reporting, ” is in total contradiction with what I have read on Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki’s blog. Fr. Rosica may be unaware, but this Prelate keeps copious notes on interventions”.

The blogger translates some of Archbishop Gadecki’s notes on the torontocatholicwitness blog – one is of an edifying intervention by Cardinal Sarah and the other, a rebuke by the Greek-Melkite Patriarch of Antioch, His Beatitude Gregory III Laham. See them here at: http://torontocatholicwitness.blogspot.ca/

I followed the link, and invite you to do the same. 

You will read the most astonishing and blasphemous challenge to Our Lord from a piece of satanical waste called Cardinal Jose Luiz Lacunza Maestrojuan, and the prompt and clear rebuke from the (Catholic) Greek-Melchite Patriarch.

I wish someone explained to me what business Cardinal Maestrojuan has in calling himself a Christian, much less a Catholic. The man is clearly a Jew, and he clearly refuses Christ and the New Testament.

On a different note, this is further evidence that Father Rosica is not reporting to us what is said at the synod, but the fantasy version he wants to sell you to please his boss Francis and the Lavender Mafia.

I wish I could read Polish in order to follow what Archbishop Gadecki reports. It is wonderful to see faithful Catholic prelates using blogs to alert the faithful about what is happening.

In the time of internet and mass blogging, Father Rosica cannot go very far.

Though I am sure he can stoop very low


The Father Rosica Omnibus

For the benefit of my more recent readers, I thought I would post a link or three concerning the rather peculiar character known to the world as Father Rosica. 

No, he is not Queen Elizabeth II.

Someone should tell him.  


Tries To Silence “Vox Cantoris”

Shoots Himself In The Process

… And all the world notices

(… here is a bit more)…

… (or here)…

Damages The Organisation He Works For

Then Backpedals With An Obvious Lie

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