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Truth Can Never Change. Adulterers Can Never Receive

Iota unum non praeteribit.

We live in unbelievable times. Therefore, I will have to explain the obvious lest someone has missed it.

The Church has, with St Paul, always believed that adulterers are not allowed to receive communion.

As this is what the Church believes, there are no instruments at disposal of anyone by which they could say that this has been changed.

If the Archangel Gabriel were to come down from heaven this afternoon, shortly before dinner time, and tell you “Good afternoon. God above has just told me that adulterers can now receive communion”, of course you would not believe him.

If a pope – I obviously do not mean this unspeakable ass; I mean a solid, orthodox, pious, prestigious pope – were to wake up one morning and say “God has appeared to me, and He has told me adulterers can now receive communion”, you would immediately call him a heretic, no matter how good he appeared until the evening before.

If a pope – any pope; see above – were to write twelve encyclicals, eighteen papal Bulls, thirty-four motu proprio and ninety-seven apostolic exhortations declaring that adulterers can receive communion and implementing several measures to have the novelty enforced, you would call the pope a heretic, all his documents heretical and not to be believed, much less obeyed, and all those who obey him in this heretics and traitors.

The simple fact is: truth can never change. Therefore, adulterers can never receive Communion.

You might, in the future, hear all sorts of strange stories. For example, if the Evil Clown issues a document following this Synod, he is most certain not to explicitly say that adulterers cannot receive communion. He is also most likely not to repeat in it the Athanasian Creed, or the Our Father.

Guess what? The Athanasian Creed will still be in place, and will not be tacitly abrogated because Francis hasn't mentioned it. The Our Father will still be in force as both prayer and dogmatic statement, because he is both. Communion for adulterers will still be forbidden, because this is what the Church has always believed.

It is astonishing that I have to write such obvious blog posts.

But somehow I think it might help in the times we are about to face.



This Is Not The Place

If you want to decry the end of the Church, this is not the place for it.

If you think that the heretics have now managed to subvert Catholicism into a Kasperite sect, this is not the place for you.

If you get a kick out of defeatism, get your kicks somewhere else.

If you think that 75% of the bishops endorse Kasperism, or are even ready to tolerate it, this is not the blog for you.

If you are one of those who want to give the heretics a victory after they have been defeated – in this battle, of course; they are not extinct – I suggest not only you refrain from commenting, but you avoid this blog altogether.

Go help Satan somewhere else. Not here.

I am very mindful not only of what I write on my blog, but of the way my readers feel when they read it.

I will not allow this stupid self-demolition to make its way in my blog.

If you are one of the blokes mentioned above, this is not the blog for you.

From now on, moderation will be inspired by the chap you see above.




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