Francis’ Bray Is Now Deafening.


We are informed via Rorate (who have it from Sandro Magister’s blog; this is the man who is not allowed in the Vatican press rooms anymore, because he made his job of journalist instead of licking Francis’ boots as so many others do) that the rules of the synod might be changed… again, during the works. We are also informed that Cardinal Erdo, now branded in Francis’ circle as a Dangerous Counterrevolutionary, will not be allowed to present the reports on the remaining parts of the Instrumentum Laboris. The latter document is now in the process of being cut to pieces, as the first part of the discussion (the only one on which we are supposed to receive reports from language groups, at least last time I looked at Francis’ rules) abundantly showed.wpid-Photo-20150924181102909.jpg

I am trying to stay calm on a Sunday morning. I will limit myself to noting the following:

  1. In Francis’ church, orthodoxy must be silenced and isolated. The Evil Clown is obviously displeased with the rather obvious points made by Cardinal Erdo, because the rather obvious points are obviously against his heretical agenda. I begin to wonder at the darkness of the soul of all those Pollyannas who, after so many example of subversive behaviour, are still insisting that the pope is oh so good, but unfortunately ill advised at times.
  2. It seems to me more and more clear – not that I had any doubt; but some of my readers had – that this Francis is a man of extraordinary pettiness, arrogance and incompetence. The man does not even see how stupid he looks with his continuous changes of rules everytime things do not go according to his wishes. When I was in kindergarten, we were more serious than that in our play. The man keeps throwing toys out of the pram for all the world to see! This isn’t a smooth operator. This is an old, cranky ass!

Make no mistake: those who refuse to see evil and prefer to live in a world of stupid and, at this point, criminal denial whilst the Bride of Christ is being attacked will not have many excuses when they die.




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  1. Ronald Sevenster

    Francis, as you say, is petty and arrogant. But not incompetent. He succeeds in getting what he wants, i.e. the destruction of traditional Catholicism. He has shown this by his Motu Prorio on Annulment and will show it again by legislative actions after the Synod has closed. It is to be expected — in particular now, after it has been made clear that a final relatio will not be produced by the Synod fathers — that in a manner comparable to the Motu Proprio, i.e. suddenly, out of the blue, there will descend upon us some Papal Decrees. If the Synod ends orderly, it will be because things goes well from the perspective of Francis. And if things won’t go well from his perspective, the Synod will end shillyshally and Francis will have to decide, afterwards, what the Synod really meant to say. We know already what that is: Communion for the divorced and remarried and a full welcome, without preconditions, for homosexuals.

    • I do not agree with this. Francis wanted the demolition of communion last year, and did not obtain it. This year he is making an unprecedented mess, and he will still – in all probability – not obtain it. If he were to make any mad move, he will suffer consequences he certainly did not want.

      The motu proprio is very grave, but different. It is a matter of regulatign matter in the framework of existing doctrine. I know it has a revolutionary intent, but it is still on a different plane than going openly against the teaching of the Church.


  2. Although Pope Francis speaks of including everyone in the process, his actions are those of the bouncer he once was at a Buenos Aires nightclub. As with that situation, PF throws out anyone who is disrupting *his* club. You want to stay in it? – fine, but you do it under his watchful eye. If he sees you saying or doing something that detracts from the ambience and the good vibes he is creating at his new digs, then out you go and out you will stay. No discussion, no reprieve – just out on the sidewalk you land and there he stands, arms folded, telling you to get lost and you better not protest or worse things will to happen to you. Otoh, if you like to tango . . .

  3. In the Rorate Caeli post here :

    The ever changing rules of the Synod now requires that two thirds of the vote are required to remove any paragraph of the ill-fated IL. This means that those two paragraphs that should not have made it into the IL in the first place, now require a two thirds vote to remove them.

    Scary, very scary.

    • I will read more about it when I have time. It seems open heresy to me. The 75% rule is exactly there to make reasonably sure the text follows traditional church teaching. This inversion is madness.

  4. Lewis Carroll would love to include this Bergoglio fellow to his Wonderland cast!

  5. Make no mistake: those who refuse to see evil and prefer to live in a world of stupid and, at this point, criminal denial whilst the Bride of Christ is being attacked will not have many excuses when they die.

    I guess we should start sending asbestos body stockings to Mark Shea, Elizabeth Scalia, Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Mark Shea, Patrick Madrid, Karl Keating, Mark Shea, Simcha Fisher and Mark Shea to wear in their coffins.

    Then again, that probably wouldn’t help.

  6. In situations like this it’s better for journalists to remain outside the tent and to do their own digging, rather than sit like stuffed dummies accepting and repeating whatever misleading scraps are thrown at them. I’m astonished at the laziness of journalists of any stripe who choose personal comfort of a warm conference room to getting out there and doing a proper job of exposing cant and lies.

  7. Thirteen cardinals have berated the Pope on the conduct of the Synod, according to the Voice of the Family website.

  8. The Stalin pope shamefully failed and totally out of control the sodomite, adultery synod. His agenda first priority is to destroy foundation of family that is a main core of human society by implanting gay marriage which is directly opposing Jesus’ teaching “One man and one woman”; then trying to decimate the Catholic Church by blaspheming, desecrating the Eucharist which is the most holly, essential part of the mass. If he could abolish the mass he could have succeeded knocking down the Christ’s Church. This stupid, mad dog underestimates the power of the Almighty who will pour down perfect justice on him soon. No place to hide. Evil clown.! One thing he should know that his machination, dishonesty, contradiction, ignorance, confusion and make-believing only guarantees him a safest road to hell. Please Lord take him away.

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