“We Follow Our Lord, Jesus Christ!”



Cardinal Burke is not taking part to the Synod.

The Evil Clown invited this man instead. 

Thankfully, some men in Red are still Catholic.

These seven minutes are important for everyone. They reassure the faithful, but they also warn them about the consequences of following Francis and his heretical friends into the abyss.

You will find a lot in the short video that must be said. The absurdity of the Heresy of Kasper. The simple guidance on what to do when the next pervert in purple tries to deceive the faithful. The statement that the disagreement at the Synod is due to the way the Synod was promoted, trying to ram an indecent Instrumentum Laboris down the throat of the bishops.

Have no fear. The Church has seen moments like that in the past. She will see them again in the future. There is nothing else to do than stay faithful to the Bride (not to the heresy, wherever it comes from), do all we can to fight the heresy, wait for better times, and die in the faith of our fathers, no matter what.

We follow our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Clearly, this Synod is getting stupid beyond parody. It must be deprived of any credibility together with the disgraceful man who has promoted it.

Time to walk out.

Time to walk out.

Time to walk out.


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  1. Thank you.

  2. Mundabor,
    slightly off topic, regarding the Synod Walkout:

    On the one hand, it’s encouraging to see that a petition with a comparatively low number of supporters is “visible” for the Synod Fathers.

    On the other hand, Cardinal Pell sounds like a typical conservative again: Oh no, there is no need to actually *do* anything that might effectively discredit and defeat the heretics. Yes, we had some “concerns”, but we were *reassured* that nothing bad would ever happen. The “progressives” (we do not call them heretics, because it would not be polite and could offend our nice friends on the other side of the issue) have *said* they will give us a “voice” and “representation”. We do not want more than that, because we are absolutely fine having one voice among many heretical ones, and a voice we will not dare to raise too energetically, because we might *offend* somebody. Also, we get to have a vote, even though we all know that it does not and will not matter how we vote. We have been tricked a thousand times already, but we are not suspicious at all that these fine folks would ever try to lie to us, or give us false reassurances. No, of course not. We trust them absolutely. Why wouldn’t we? It’s not like we have a brain, or something….

    Conservatives are good at one and only one thing: losing politely. That’s exactly what the non-heretical Synod Fathers are currently doing. After they have lost, they will grumble a bit, but then close ranks behind the progressives, as was done after Vatican II, in the name of their false “obedience”, which in Germany is called “Kadavergehorsam”*

    *Kadavergehorsam is extremely common in Germany, so we need a special word for it, just like some arctic languages that have twenty different words for “snow” and “white”. 🙂

  3. Now, on topic again, Cardinal Burke is among the very few Princes of the Church who might actually try to resist the heretical (and pre-determined) results of the rigged Synod. He has already shown that he places Christ above his ecclesial career, which differentiates him from most Cardinals. It is always good to hear from him.

    If only the Church had him as a Pope. Not going to happen, of course, especially now that the conclave is stacked with Francis-like heretics.

  4. Oh my gosh…this man restores hope. Thank you Cardinal Burke! As someone who grew up in a broken home – and as a “pet” child – having an adult say these reassuring words just puts the wind beneath my wings!

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