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It will not come as a great surprise that some Proddies were also invited to the Synod, probably because it was felt that the likes of Cupich did not make it heretical enough.

One of the men of the heretical persuasion has come out with another of those “inclusive” thingies that are now everywhere. He wants to receive Communion, you see, because… mercy.

I almost cried inclusive tears as I read of the man marrying a Catholic in 1973 and not being allowed to receive communion. He felt so excluded! I mean, how can this be just, or even merciful? And then some other relatives of him converted, and he was still left out! In the cold, winter night! Watch his nephew, the Good Altar Boy, suffer as he sees that Grandpa cannot receive because… he is a heretic!


Quick, pass me the Kleenex!

Mind: there is no mention of the man’s intention to convert. No. He is perfectly fine with his own theology. It’s the Church that is wrong, you see. He might be made to feel that he is… a…. a….. a…. heretic! How can we use such cruel practices, and such exclusionary language, in the XXI century?

You may say the man is just a simpleton with no idea whatsoever of what he is talking about. You would very probably be right. But in his own Proddie confusion, the man does have a point.

If living in open defiance of God’s laws, in a daily and public insult to the Sacrament of Marriage, is not an impediment to receive communion, what will ever be an impediment big enough? If Jesus’ words can be openly trampled upon, why there should be any difference between a Catholic, a Proddie, a Muslim and an Atheist? If Holy Communion is something you give around to people just so they do not feel “excluded”, who shall be excluded? Why not parachute the hosts into some ISIS training ground, hoping that the bastards down there profit from it, becaaauuuse they neeeed it the mooooost?

Catholicism is logical. The attempt to apply emotional waffle to it will always lead to absurd results. In Catholicism, tutto si tiene: everything is connected to everything else in a wonderfully functional way. To hope that some part may be sabotaged and the other still work is like taking the spring out of a watch mechanism and hope it will continue to work.

The proddie man does not think about conversion. The idea that he might be excluded from communion because he is not in communion does not strike him as something logical. No. It strikes him as something possibly vaguely cruel, but certainly not nice. The wussification of the planet continues unabated, and with it the abandonment of the simplest logic.

You know Loaker? If you don’t, you should. Very good wafers.

That’s exactly how these people (the wussified Proddies, the Archbishop Cupichs, the Cardinal Kaspers, the Grima Wormtongues) see the Most Holy Communion.


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  1. Here is a Protestant who could have made a worthy contribution to the Synod. I’m not sure how he feels re communion, but when it comes to the gay ‘exclusion’ question, he just might be, as we used to joke,”more Catholic than the Pope”…. or at least more Catholic than the Pope’s picks for the Synod.

  2. Exactly. They need to learn about the Eucharist…..just as Jesus said to James and his brother, they don’t know what they are asking.

    They think it’s a wafer they’re left out from, they’re missing a cup of champagne at the party toast.

    When what they need is education, and those Catholic representatives at the Synod should be doing the teaching. I hope they’re taking notes on what’s missing.

    However, that speach on “them needing it the most” has reached almost everywhere, I hear it ifrom many priests in my diocese.

  3. After all, isn’t jorge the man who as archbishop was reported to say to a divorced/’remarried’ “hurt”, “marginalized”, “on-the-margins”, “I-want-it-cuz-I-want-it-and-I’m-ME!!!” special-snowflake….

    “a little bread and wine does no harm.”

    Who can possibly doubt today; have one, single, solitary shred of an iota of doubt, that he actually did indeed say it?

    God save us from this madness.


  4. Please God that that poor grandson he talks about may Know and Understand the Truth, that he not be led astray by these fools who think we gather round a table. It is an Alter! Satan is laughing and our poor Blessed Mother is weeping for her many(not all) sons and daughters.

  5. M…I sent links to you on the reported quote yesterday, but fear they may have ended up in ‘spam’. If you have not seen them, please check there.

    And BTW….THANK YOU once again for your OUTSTANDING work. You are the 8th Spiritual Work of Mercy! 🙂


    • Ah, that one…
      I canned it because of the link to an unwanted blog, but I have now followed the link and it is about things *an adulterer says Francis would have said*. Does not pass my credibility test, though there’s nothing Francis could not have said.

  6. Chatting to a lovely man during 40 days outside an abortion clinic, he said he was “a bad catholic” said he ” argued with his priest” (who is a saint, in my eyes), it seems his wife who was a wonderful lady, couldn’t receive Holy Communion”. She was a protestant. I asked why she hadn’t become a Catholic, he said she was a good woman, why should she. Well Mundabor, when I told him no salvation the Catholic Church he had a fit. These Conciliar Church members have very little idea about what is what any more (although, he knew he was a bad Catholic as he kept admitting to it).

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