Francis Defeated In Battle Of Kursk. War Rages On.


I have compared a couple of times Francis' machinations concerning the Synod with the Battle of Kursk: a buildup many months long, followed by a huge confrontation of extreme importance.

I woke up this morning to discover that the last reports (those we should not have seen) of the circuli minores have been published, and now it's official: Francis has lost the battle for the Synod, and he has lost it big time.

From what I understand – I will read as time allows – there is a lot of sensitive waffle and V II rubbish, but the heresy of Kasper has been soundly defeated. Even the WSJ, whose journalists obviously understand zippo of Catholicism, got the message, which will now go around the world in a matter of hours.

The battle is won. The war rages on. Like Adolf, Francis is not going to fold just because he has lost big. Unlike Adolf, Francis is Pope. And unlike Adolf, he is stupid and therefore very unpredictable.

Possible war theatres in the next hours and weeks are the following:

1. The final Relatio ignores or gravely manipulates the reports, and paints a Francislike approach to heresy. Improbable, once the reports of the circuli minores have been published; but in the cards considering the stupidity and arrogance of the man.

2. The vote on the final Relatio is rigged, and the huge liberal uproar goes around the world because the like of Rosica explain to us that there was some problem with the electronic count. Improbable, perhaps; but how probable would you have considered an organised mass theft of books within the Vatican walls? The thieves of last year are the same people organising things this year. You have been warned.

3. Francis decides to simply defy the Church, and to allow himself his little “here I stand; I can do no other”-moment. He releases a document – however called – diametrically opposed to Church teaching in the name of mercy, or rather of Peron. The Grima Wormtongues applaud, finally discovering that yes, Jesus is rolling his eyes at Catholicism. Catholics are up in arms in no time. Civil war ensues.

4. Francis decides to keep quiet for a while. In December, at the start of the Year Of False Mercy, he comes up with some heretical stunt of his (say: “for the duration of the year of mercy only, adulterers and all my fag friends are allowed to receive communion”), obviously in the name of “mercy”; and then tries to counter the reactions saying “why are you angry? I extended the same “mercy” to the SSPX, too!”. The Grima Wormtongues praise the inclusiveness of the man. Catholics start the insurrection against heresy. Civil war ensues.

These are four possible scenarios I can well imagine. The man is stupid, so there's really no saying what he will do next.

We must remain very vigilant.

The war rages on.





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  1. Deo Gratias! The Truthful Merciful Jesus has answered our prayers, intervened and defeated the faggot synod and saved His Holy Church from the “destroyer” and his gang. Now the time for heretical pope and Kasper’s gang take exit for hiding or go to Henry VIII Episcopal church which are taking and promoting all sexual perversions. Go before God’s wrath pours down upon you. Thanks God the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and His Mother, His angels, and His Saints.

  2. A combination of option 1 and 4 is most likely in my opinion.

    In the coming word storm the circuli minores will effectively be forgotten, the Bishops will be disbanded, and Mercy will once again reign supreme. Tears of joy on CNN as previously excluded are now welcomed to the “Table”.

    Extra bonus; the SSPX is given the same indult as sodomites.

    As an aside, I am half way through Marcel Lefebvre’s book: “Open Letter To Confused Catholics”. I am finally beginning to understand. The book is not a Polemic. It is a fact based history from a highly learned and obviously honest and holy man who was deeply inside the Council, highly connected to all the “players”, and who remained true to the Deposit of the Faith. He gives a road map for the current and future souls to understand what happened during “his times”. I highly recommend it.

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