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Let Cardinal Kasper And Bishop Tobin Be Anathema!



From the Catholic blog New Sherwood. 

“[T]here is the legal problem of matrimonial nullity, this has to be reviewed, because ecclesiastical tribunals are not sufficient for this”. – Pope Francis, 28 July 2013

“Can we eliminate the necessity of having detailed personal interviews, hefty fees, testimony from witnesses, psychological exams, and automatic appeals to other tribunals? In lieu of this formal court-like process, which some participants have found intimidating, can we rely more on the conscientious personal judgment of spouses about the history of their marriage (after all, they are the ministers and recipients of the sacrament!) and their worthiness to receive Holy Communion?”  – Bishop Thomas Tobin, 21 September 2014

“CANON XII. If any one saith, that matrimonial causes do not belong to ecclesiastical judges; let him be anathema.” – Council of Trent, Session XXIV, 11 November 1543

One understands where the Fathers of the Council of Trent were coming from here. If the decision is taken outside of ecclesiastical tribunal, you end up with… Kasper or Tobin. The words of the second are utterly shocking, and I think it is time for him to pick a new religion among the many available and go to hell with it at his leisure. Unless he repents, of course. Which these people seldom do. 

But certainly, the fact that at the Council of Trent the existence and relevance of ecclesiastical judges was protected by such a formidable moat (with piranhas inside) give us the full measure of their importance in the economy of the sacraments. Then without them not only Communion would be desecrated, but Marriage virtually destroyed. 

Also interesting is to know that in former, more Christian times the likes of Kasper and Tobin would have been invited to retract, or face other judges; the latter able to order that they be accommodated on top of a bunch of… faggots, to be suitably burned. 

Such are the times we live in. 





World “No! No! No!” Day

Francis' New Gospel Of Mercy was finally being seen in its real light.

Francis’ New Gospel Of Mercy was finally being seen in its real light.



Today is World Mission Day. 

Mission Day is when we think of the many Missionaries risking their lives in strange, hostile Countries and make an extra effort to help them financially. It is also a good day to reflect that we ourselves have, in our own little circle, a little “missionary work” to accomplish, as I think few of us will move in familiar or friends’ or work circle where Catholicism is the undisputed, dominant force. 

All these three aspects are, I think, worthy efforts. 

How does our Humble Pope, Francis Of The Black Shoes, help us to pursue them? 

With this slogan, wonderfully well received among those to be evangelised (the Atheists, the Infidels, the Schismatics, and the Proddies): 

Do you need to convince the other to become Catholic? No, no, no!


The World Mission Sunday is as good as any other day to remind ourselves of what a rubbish Pope we have. 


Pope Weathervane



Judas receiving the thirty pieces of silver as seen by Mattia Preti, ca 1640.

Judas receiving the thirty pieces of silver as seen by Mattia Preti, ca 1640.


If laws do not lead people to Christ then they are obsolete,

Pope Francis, homily of the 13 October 2014, the day of the Relatio post disceptationem. 


[We must avoid] The temptation to neglect the “depositum fidei”, not thinking of themselves as guardians but as owners or masters [of it];

Pope Francis, address to the Synod Fathers, five days later. 


I keep calling him The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History, and I hope by now most of my readers understand why. 

Five days after triumphantly  announcing – on the same day of the Relatio which clearly bears his heretical stamp – a new post-Christian era, this man dares to warn us from the temptation of becoming… exactly like him. 

Shameless hypocrite. 

Whited sepulchre. 



Salvador Allende And Jorge Bergoglio: A Comparison.

When the pressure cooker was tired of simmering, he put a bullet in his head.

At the end of the pressure cooker’s simmering came the bullet in the head: Salvador Allende.



What is happening in the Vatican reminds one, in a way, of the events in Chile leading to the 1973 Pinochet coup.

A goddamn populist went to power on a socialist agenda and, among the (initial) cheers of the people, began remaking the world – or, at least, Chile – new.

It went well for a short while. Then, the problems began to emerge. The savage spending let the inflation skyrocket, the inflation let the real GDP contract sharply, the usual stupid socialist house of card tumbled down in less than two years. And when the economy began to fold, the malcontent started to rise. One of the main tragedies of the proto-commie is that he can’t count. 

When the end came, the once oh so beloved Allende was, very probably, the most hated figure in the country. Time to restore sanity, then.

In that case, Augusto Pinochet took charge of the task; making himself culpable of many unnecessary, very dirty things, but certainly cleaning the Country of the Communist bubo that had plagued it in its last, terrible years. Fifteen years of financial stability and economic growth followed. Ah, the privilege of a functioning brain…

Francis is – perhaps, and if we don’t look too deep – not as bad as Allende. Still, one can’t but see some parallels: arrogant, dictatorial, obsessed with Socialism, and enemy of Christ, TMAHICH does remind one of your South-American revolutionary nutcase after he comes to power; though it must be said that our antidote to him – our Pinochet, so to speak; and possibly a less violent one – still has to appear on the horizon.

Francis started his Pontificate as the best thing since Jesus Christ. He left no doubt he thought so himself. For a while, it seemed that no liturgical abuse, no amount of theological rubbish and no beach ball on the altar could scratch his immaculate reputation. He was JFK and Martin Luther King in one. Gandhi-cum-Dalai Lama. He could have his cake and eat it. 

It went well for a while. It went, actually, very well for as long as Francis limited himself to persecute the odd Catholic order, embrace wheelchairs and say stupid things to the people. It went well, so to speak, for as long as inflation did not pick up, and the medium term effects of savage spending and wild nationalisations were not felt. 

But then he started to play to his friends, and make for himself a place in history. His obvious sponsors, the Homomafia, were demanding that he pays the entry ticket; and the Germans, who pay the most in the Vatican coffers, were starting to demand that their paying clients be satisfied. These were, so to speak, Francis’ Trade Unions and Party, and he had to satisfy them. Francis gave them a synod. One year to prepare the ground, another year to persuade the weak. He would take care that they, the Germans and their clients as well as the homos, are satisfied.

Enter the “profound and serene theologian”, Walter Kasper.

Title: cardinal.

Profession: pimp.

Task: preparing the ground. 

Kasper starts a crusade – a long-cherished dream of his – about doing the contrary of what the Church says under the pretense of pastoral work. Here the problems start; or, if you wish, Francis’ “Wheelchairnomics” begins to contract. Several Bishops and Cardinals get very angry from the start. Kasper is rebuked, but not silenced. Five of the Cardinals start writing a book, and sending the signal this is not going to be a walk in the park. Most bishops stay silent. Kasper thinks he will eat them for Fruehstueck

He gives interviews left and right (more left). The majority is with him, he says. The Pope is with him. He has discussed everything with Francis. Francis does not distance himself from his statements. The message is clear: I support the glorious Marxist revolution, the nationalisations and the collectivisation. I support everything. Those Cardinals who have written the book are, says Kasper, attacking the Pope. Counterrevolutionaries. Stalinism is ripe.

A Synod is prepared compared to which a Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is a masterwork of openness and transparency. It is immediately decided that reality shall not transpire outside. Reality will, then, have to be what the puppetmasters tell you. This sound very much like Commie Economics. 

At the Congress Synod, initially it all works well. There is a lot of fully irrelevant talking as the bishops go through the motions of saying things in which the Pope is not in the least interested. After the first week, the pre-confectioned Glorious Bomb Of The Proletariat is detonated. There must be two or three people on this planet who think Francis did not OK the document, but they are probably in some asylum. The blast is there. It is Monday, the 13th of October 2014. Perhaps, it shall one day be said, this was the day Francis nationalised all the big copper mines, and angered too many of the wrong crowd. 


It is now clear all over the planet that this little, arrogant, proto-commie Apprentice Sorcerer has, like Allende, gone too far. The mood is well described by a clearly well-informed source at the usual Rorate Caeli:

 I have spoken to a huge number of prelates in the past few days, many of them Synod Fathers. They are all furious and indignant with Francis. A president of a Conference of Bishops of a large African country even called him to my face “an agent of disruption.” The right word to describe the general atmosphere reigning in the Curia and the Synod, after 18 months of a government imposed by fear and persecution, is one I’ve heard several times in the past week: “esasperazione” (“exasperation”). The experiences of the past century show that a government of fear and manipulation cannot subsist for long without rebellion, and that was what erupted on Thursday. It was as if a pressure cooker exploded at the end of an 18-month-long simmering.

Yep. This is Allende all over again. 

Allende rapidly went toward his end when his own parliament declared the “constitutional breakdown”. The Pope cannot be ousted so easily, nor is there any Pinochet with an army in his pocket ready to intervene. 

But the synod’s Fathers have clearly given a vote of no-confidence on the way this synod was run; and if they resist the counteroffensive of the Marxist troops, they will most certainly, with the help of the Heavenly Army, prevail. 

There is no way a Pope can shove novelty down the throat of Catholicism is there is widespread resistance – and it does not have to be majority resistance – from Cardinals and Bishops. Let even a handful or two of Cardinals deny him obedience in doctrinal matters, and his papacy will be doomed. 

A Pope needs to be respected, admired, universally seen as The Boss. There is no way he can get massive flak from orthodox catholics and save face for long, and the recent events have showed us that press spin and PR antics can only do so much. 

A half dozen orthodox, and prestigious Cardinals can seriously wound this papacy. A dozen will destroy it altogether. Not in his official role, of course; but in the way he can operate and shape the Church, and in the way he is perceived by the entire planet.

A Pope called a heretic from his own Cardinals – people of recognised orthodoxy, not leftist lunatics –  is the lamest lame duck that can be imagined. His wheelchairs embraces will be bitter. His cardinals considered not legitimately appointed. His encyclicals ignored and condemned. His homilies mocked. His death will be a liberation for everyone, possibly even for him. He will, very probably, rather resign and go back to the slums, saving that bit of credibility left, than run for the title of Most Shameful Pope Ever. 

For this Pope, his boundless vanity and the way he is perceived from the world are absolutely the be-all-and-end-all. It is his Achilles’ heel. Strike him there, and you will wound him mortally.  







Synod: Remember “The Pianist”?

This time, the pianist was booed.

This time, the pianist was booed.

Not long ago, New Catholic at Rorate published his own comment on the translation of an article of “La Stampa”‘s Marco Tosatti.

The article, and the comment, dealt with the hubris of an unnamed Cardinal who was boasting of how he would steer the Synod in the direction he (actually: his boss) desired. The unnamed Cardinal was dubbed “the pianist”; perhaps, I notice today, to give a hint to a particular Cardinal who happens to play the piano, and whose description fitted very well the person described by Tosatti.

Today Cardinal Baldisseri, who seems to me to be the man, and pianist, in question, must have other thoughts about how easy it is to manipulate a Synod.

The pianist was booed. His mediocre Impresario was exposed.

Don’t play it again, Lorenzo.


hat tip: “S. Armaticus” on the “Harvesting the Fruit of the V II blog” (our “Sarmaticus”, I believe).

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