The Pope Who Warred With Christ






Pope Francis in a rare image.


If you go around Catholic blogs and forum sites, or read the comments to newspaper articles, you will notice a leitmotiv in the stream of comments: the number of people whose main concern in these days is what the Pope will do.

I am not talking here of the hardliner blogs like this little effort. Rather, I am talking of the comment boxes of Catholic newspapers, or of conservative “mainstream” blogs. Until some three months ago you would have noticed a much greater amount of “I am sure the Holy Ghost has all under control”-, or “Francis is such a good and orthodox Pope”-pollyanning. Try now. See the difference. 

I do not doubt the Pollyannas are still around in force. If it weren’t so,this miserable heretical ass would be pelted with foul tomatoes every Sunday until he gets in that lewd head of his that he is, actually, the Pope. However, it seems to me that it has become increasingly more difficult to “Pollyanna around” when the number of those who state that they are afraid of thinking what this pope could be capable of has become so big.       

I can also note a decrease, at least in the synod days, of the number of “I am confused by this Pope” and “he has good intentions, but he is so badly advised” comments. It is difficult to beconfused for very long, even if you make a huge effort, when the Pope himself does everything he can to make abundantly clear that you should not be confused: he sides with the heretics, period.

Imagine you are an example of the garden variety Pollyanna, and read in Catholic blogs that after Cardinal Erdo’s intervention – an intervention that you had saluted with a sigh of relief, praising Francis wisely steering the Synod under the guidance of the Holy Ghost – the Pope himself has intervened on the following day and has stated that no: the Heresy of Kasper remains well on the table, and in the end it is he who decides everything. Not an easy time to be a Pollyanna, for sure.

However, I am sure that whilst Francis loses some Pollyannas every day – as more and more people become too afraid for their own salvation to keep thinking, much less saying, that the Emperor has wonderful clothes on – the vast majority continue in the stubborn and, at this point, gravely sinful error of wanting to believe in the goodness of a pope obviously at war with Christ. The fact is, they do not really believe in the Catholic Church, or in Christ who founded Her. They believe in the Pope. Their system of belief is squarely hinged on the sense of security and “living truth” given to them by the existence of an Intrinsically And Invariably Good And Holy Pope. If you take this fantasy away from them, the hinge that kept all together collapses. They will not have that. They will rather keep believing in their fantasy world in the same way in which Communists and Socialists – Francis among them – keep believing in a humanity-changing collectivist utopia against all evidence.

I seem to notice this behaviour is more frequent among converts. It is as if converts – raised to believe in absurd stories about the omnipotence of the Pope within the Protestant milieu of their formative years – had in a way married the absurd stories, at least in part, when they converted. When they got “papists”, they got all the way to the contrary excess, because their conversion was the fruit of a more or less confused need to have a visible, palpable, unshakable rock in their religious life; the reaction to, and escape from, the constant innovations they found in their
own “church” so-called.          

Sorry to disappoint, but there is no such rock. The rock they are looking for is in two thousand years of deposit of faith, and the wonderful, sheer endless quantity of sound documents underpinning it. The Pope is servus servorum dei, the “first of the servants”, or “preeminent among the servants”, of Christ. Some servants are good, some are bad, and some are outright evil.

More and more people are waking up to this reality. They see it unfold every day as Francis throws toys out of the pram like he is Elton’s John’s “adoptive” baby.

The reality is that this Pope is at war with Christ, and there is no way to close one’s eyes and get away with it. 

Choose this day, Pollyanna.

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  1. Very well stated Mundabor! I am afraid what we have here is a Pope who is leading souls to hell. He has replaced emphasis on God with that of Man. He is appears to be replacing God’s idea of morality with the morality of Sodom and Gomorrah. Who would ever imagined such a thing could happen? As you point out, many folks still can’t but many are beginning to believe what is in front of their eyes. Wolf in sheep’s clothing, indeed. Spread the word and save some souls! St Michael the Archangel defend us……….

    Michael Dowd

  2. M,

    Contrary to what you have noticed about converts: I am a convert (3.5 yrs) and I keep thinking that if I had lived during those times, I hope I would have been at the foot of the cross and not with Peter…

    In my short time in the Church, I have seen priests (even in the traddie world) of whom I just do not know what to think (3 in number so far). It does not shake my faith in Christ but it does make me wonder about the institution. I agree with your point that we must stay with Christ and not worship the servants.

    • So you think you might well have been better than the Apostles, but you doubt the institution because of three priests? The Church is the Bride. Christ is the Bridegroom. The Church is indefectible in Her nature, but the earthly Jerusalem (the way she works and manifests herself in human affairs) will always have all the taints of humanity. if God had wanted otherwise, he would have had the Church run by angels.

  3. At onepeterfive and The remnant, there are links to a petition urging orthodox participants to walk out from the synod if it continues on its current trajectory.

  4. ” Francis throws toys out of the pram like he is Elton’s John’s “adoptive” baby.”

    Adopted from Rosemary.

  5. I agree with you (as usual), except your insertion of “converts” into the milieu. I won’t bore you with the details, but as an 8 year convert from Protestantism, converts I know are more, not less, inclined to know the details of Church history, how Popes derive their authority and are more passionate in their defense of violations of Tradition than their Cradle-Catholc brethren, (in general in my tiny little slice of life).

    We take this stuff personally. Most of us had to become quite educated on issues and make great sacrifice to get from “there” to “Here”.

    We may not be as well-catechized as cradle-Catholics, (perhaps better in many cases), but we are very serious about how and why we are here in the Church: by choice and not by birth, and for the Magisterium in all its glory and not pathetic media driven Papal popularity campaigns.

    • My problem (from personal observation), is less the matter of “education”, rather the mindset that remains attached to one in some cases (I have just published an example, of a recent convert who questions the church, but then relies on Christ) or “espouses” Catholicism “all the way” (in the wrong way) as I have described.
      There is no doubt, of course, that many converts are quality converts. Newman, Faber, Chesterton, Knox an dcountless others were converts.

      From a logical point of view, note that to say that you notice a certain behaviour (papolatry) in converts does not mean that converts tend to be bad catholics, or that papolatry affects the majority of them.


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