The Other Side Of Jesuitism



If you had any doubt about why the Evil Clown met Kim Davis (I explained what the motive was: Jesuitism) we now have a new confirmation. Rorate has the photos of the only official audience given by the Evil Clown during his stay in the United States.

Francis was the rector of a seminary. He might have taught there, though the thought is between hilarious and tragic. He will, in any way, remember many students. Whom do you think did he meet?

A pervert, obviously. A pervert together with his perverted “boyfriend”. The Vatican presser even calls the two perverts “a family”. There’s a lot of smiling, touching and embracing. It’s like a pub in Sodom. 

We see here the other side of his Jesuitism at work. Francis does not want to be seen against anyone, with the only exception of Catholics. But he clearly wants to be seen in favour of the winners. He knows it might not possible to him to do all that he would like to do for them. Still, perverts are clearly having the upper hand, and the Pope wants to be sure he appears to be on their side. Therefore, photographs and journalists… again.

Alas, no photos with Kim Davis, I am told. I have certainly not seen any. The press office even implies it might have been all a damn mistake. Kim Davis is too similar to a Catholic, you see. 

And so there we are, seeing the photos of a Pope kissing perverts and reflecting that this is not even the first time. 

Let me repeat a concept for you. 

This man is pure evil.



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  1. Not only were there no pictures but the vatican made an announcement that in meeting with Davis, it in no way reflected support for her views (or something to that effect)! So what…the vatican does not support this woman in her small but valiant attempt to stand up to the sin of sodomy? Uh, when was that turn taken?

  2. Mundy,

    I fear you and others are making more of this than one really should, as it’s all quite innocent.

    It is documentably accurate that Bergie and the fruit enjoyed a master/student relationship: between shared swills of grappa, Bergie taught the panting sodomite the Dirty Tango, Jesuit style (cheek-to-cheek and littered with stolen kisses).

    It’s not like Bergie normally hangs around butt pirates in some sort of overly familiar fashion, is it?

    Just ask Daneels or Ricca.

  3. I’m left speechless…thank you for supplying the words!

  4. The pope feels it necessary to distance himself from a brave stand against state approved homosexual and lesbian false and evil “marriages”? It would be one thing to ignore the hoopla over the supposed meeting but to make sure it is publicly known he doesn’t agree with a stand against marriage that is “consummated” in most cases by sodomitical penetration is a very different kettle of steaming offal. How low can he get? Has he no use at all for the Catholic teaching on marriage? Oh, I know he gives it occasional lip service but always in such a way so as not to alarm his fellow modernists, so that they will not mistake him for anything but the hard core secularist he really is.

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