Synod Walkout: Why You Should Sign

Let's make a Synod on the family!

I have published a blog post inviting my readers to sign the petition for the Synod Walkout. Let me explain why.

This blog has always maintained that Francis' papacy must go down in flames. It must by now be clear to every sound thinking Catholic that Francis is an enemy of the Church. You fight against the enemies of the Church in any way you can.

There can be no doubt that a walkout would destroy Francis' papacy. It would leave a small heap of ashes where the black shoes used to be. It would be remembered in centuries to come as a grave indictment of a scheming Jesuit, planning heresy. It would completely castrate the man in his ability to cause further damage. The man would not even need to resign. He would be consigned to mocked irrelevance.

Some will say that these battles must be fought from the inside, and if you walk out you leave the ground to the enemy. I strongly disagree.

The Synod is not the Congress, or the Commons. The bishops would not be leaving a deliberating assembly, a legislative body. They would not surrender any power. They would not leave any power in the hands of those who stay. In fact, by walking out they would give this synod more relevance, more importance, more historical significance than it could ever have in any other way. In no way the defence of Catholic truth could be made clear more forcefully than by walking out and exposing the heresies Francis is trying – unsuccessfully, probably; but this is beside the point – to push down the throats of his bishops.

Nor should, in my eyes, the usual “side arguments” be listened to.

“The Bishops will not walk” may be a very correct observation, but this is beside the point. The question is not whether they will walk, but whether you think they should. They will, probably, not walk. But it would be wonderful if they would. This is what counts.

“Francis will not achieve his aim anyway” is also not relevant. To destroy heresy is much better than to contain heresy. To destroy Francis' papacy and shame him for all the centuries to come is vastly preferable to simply dissuade him from pushing his heretical agenda.

“Only a few will sign” is also beside the point. You do what you think is right, not what you think others will be doing. You are watched from heaven. You do what is right, not what is popular.

“Now is too late/too soon/too warm/too cold/too humid/too dry” and all the usual variations of “I agree with you, but…” are, in my eyes, misleading. We are living the weeks we have been dreading for two years, and we might be on the brink of a mess that could go on for many decades. Please read the blog post that I have published and pinned at the front page when the Instrumentum Laboris was published. The Bride of Christ is being raped. You do not spend your time watching and making astute observations as to what the best conduct might be. You kick the Church rapist in the head. Do you want my advice? Kick the Church rapists in the head. Sign the petition!

“A walkout would cause a schism”. This is the favourite excuse of all those who want you to accept evil. “Accept evil”, they say, “or a greater evil will come out of it”. Thank you very much, my friend, for your rather evil suggestion; but as for myself I will fight evil, full stop. If there must be a great conflict, let it come. Or else Francis can resign, simply shut up, or do that most incredible of things: start behaving like a Pope.


In the end, I think the reasoning is very simple: in these extraordinary times we must be ready to grab every occasion, however extraordinary, to expose this bunch of heretics, headed by the Pope. A Pope who, on the very day after Cardinal Erdo's reaffirming of Catholic doctrine, took the word to explain in a rather peeved tone that heresy remains on the table as a matter of legitimate discussion.

Distance yourself from this scandalous bunch of heretics and sodomites in front of the Blessed Virgin and of the entire world, and ask the bishops and Cardinals to do the same. They threatened to do it already last year. There is no reason why what would have been justified (and wonderful) last year would not be just as justified, and even more wonderful, this year.

Follow Pope Francis' advice:

¡Vaya lío!



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  1. I agree and signed already. Your point about the Synod not being a representative body is of course correct. But I’d go father. The Holy Father and the reformers have made it clear that they want the Synod to endorse their plans; any real discussion, which is the point of any Synod, appears to be a farce at this point. So, the Synod is now inherently corrupted. Anyone who stays only agrees to the corruption.

    And if the Pope really wants to be “another bishop” (which I doubt), then there should be no disrespect in leaving. We simply have disagreement among equals as to the terms of a proposed deal and the terms under which that deal is to be discussed. So, anyone is free to take his marbles home until next time.

  2. I totally agree that all concerned and faithful Catholics should sign the petition. Would that the orthodox Synod Fathers would heed the petition and take action.

    PLEASE, read the very important post today on Rorate Caeli, which actually shows what Pope Francis’ pontificate is all about. Here is the link:

    Pope Francis is going to to devolve authority to the local episcopal areas. Rorate Caeli in the link above explains why this devolution is SO DANGEROUS for our Holy Mother Church. Indeed, ‘devolution of authority to local churches’ is what the ongoing battle between Kasper and Benedict XVI has been for many years. (Cardinal Avery Dulles wrote about this battle and alludes to Gallicanism – which I believe is why Daneels et. al. called themselves St. Galen’s Mafia. Remember: the St. Galen Mafia boasted about and admitted to recently by Cardinal Daneels was opposed to Benedict XVI during his pontificate. See a summary of Cardinal Dulles’ article here: .

    Daneels was also on Kasper’s side, regarding devolution of authority to local churches. See here an article by Fr. Raymond deSouza: It now makes sense why the Holy Father, in spite of Daneel’s record of condoning sex abuse, has appointed Daneels on the Synod committee to draft the final SYNOD report. The recommendation will be to devolve authority to the local churches. Fr. Raymond deSouza in the ncregister link provided, uses the same quote as Rorate Caeli did today: “Quis custodiet Kasper?”

    It also makes sense now, why Cardinal Marx has changed his tune from ‘Rome will not tell us what to do’, to ‘we will be in unity with the pope’ – as probably Pope Francis will use the excuse of the ‘deadlock’ between progressive and orthodox participants at the Synod to give local churches decision making power to “not change doctrine, but to institute their own praxis” – which ofcourse will undermine doctrine.

    We really need to pray that this does not happen…and sign the petition!!!! And pray that the Orthodox Fathers walk away from this Synod- to save our Holy Mother Church from centuries of trying to repair the damage as Rorate Caeli points out.

  3. Yes, I signed the petition. It would be the most fitting end to this disastrous synod and papacy. If the bishops were to walk out when The Humble One is speaking, what a sign to the Faithful and the world that they rebuke him and his heresies! There would be safety in numbers so if only a third to a half walked, there wouldn’t be retaliation against them. Francis would have to resign with such an obvious vote of no confidence. Praying to God for this to happen.

    • I doubt he would “have to” resign, as it is not a democracy. But once the face is lost, it can’t be recovered. He would remain a clown dressed in white.

  4. For the first time, I feel Mundabor is wrong.
    Fight, fight, fight to the end is for me, the only answer.
    Then, if evil cannot be stopped, ACT decisively (after prayers, of course)

    • Of course I can be wrong, but I fail to understand your logic.
      Walking out would obviously be that fight you are asking for.
      No idea what ACT is. Someone will certainly help.

  5. Mundabor, if you decide to publish my prior comment, please change the phrase in the 5th Paragraph to Cardinal Marx has changed his tune from ‘we are not a subsidiary of Rome’
    ( instead of “Rome will not tell us what to do”) and leave the rest as is, i.e. ‘ we will be in unity with the Pope’


  6. These times call for bold, decisive measures. I pray the good bishops and cardinals see this. To loiter in that den of iniquity for one and a half more weeks will harm the Church for generations. Get out now! Shame the Bishop of Rome and his evil minions.

  7. Did you ever know that you’re my hero
    And everything I would like to be?
    I can fly higher than an eagle
    For you are the wind beneath my wings…

  8. Thank you.

  9. Agreed … with some reservations. However, this is a “Peace in our Time” moment for the faithful Cardinal and Bishops. Why on earth spend time entertaining heresy? It just gives it credibility. As you say, we cannot appease evil and then hope a Churchill comes along to replace Chamberlain. I will be signing this petition.

  10. I like the “kick the rapists in the head” image and believe it is well past time some clear and unambiguous action along those lines is taken.

  11. M. Thank you for your very decisive, determining stand tall and having tremendous courage to reveal, expose and fight hard this devil disguised pope and his demonic possessed gang and their agenda – liquidating the Catholic Church. I bet the good fathers of this gay synod and Heaven above have heard you, mainly, and us crying out loud for help. Hope they will organize the Crusade!
    When they continuously gang rape the Bride of Christ in front of us, it is a must to jump
    in no matter what, fighting off the rapists and rescue Her. We know there is now no peace, no tranquility, no business as usual, only war. In this matter of life and death war we have to choose side and fight bravely for our souls: God or Satan, Heaven or Hell, Life or Death, Right or Wrong. Light or Darkness, Free or Slave…and ready to full charge forward with the Archangel, St. Michael to crush the enemy.

    Cannon to right of them,
    Cannon to left of them,
    Cannon in front of them
    Volley’d & thunder’d;
    Storm’d at with shot and shell,
    Boldly they rode and well,
    Into the jaws of Death,
    Into the mouth of Hell

    (Charge of the light Brigade by Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

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